An inspiring and witty post

That’s a lot of pressure, huh?  I read your posts (yes all four of you) and I will say, I am inspired by all of you.  I love reading your blogs and I have to admit that I spend far too much time reading them when I should be working.  🙂


But this idea of inspiration has stuck in my head the last 24 hours and it has made me wonder, what inspires you?  What brings on that feeling that wells up inside of you and makes you believe that you can be more than you thought you could ever be?   Is it a song, or a painting?  Are you inspired by another blogger?  Does your inspiration come from some fleeting thing that you happen across during your busy day? Tell me. I want to know.  And whether you want to know or not, I’ll tell you what inspires me with regard to fitness and weight loss.


My inspiration comes from …


~Other bloggers of course – I could name you all one by one, but that would take a lot of time and a lot of linking, so I’ll just refer you to my bloglist on the right. 


~Athletes, specifically women athletes.  Women who train for something and have the muscles and mental fortitude to conquer their sport.  Tennis players, volleyball players, dancers, runners – they all inspire me to use my body for more than just holding down the couch.  I would love to have a well toned, slightly muscular body that could kick some serious triathlon tail!!


~My kids.  I want to be an example for them to follow, not an example of what they shouldn’t do. 


~And finally, I get a lot of inspiration from God. God gave me this body and I want it to perform at the best of its ability. He gave me the ability to move and be active, so I want to honor Him by challenging my muscles to do the most that they can do.  I want them to become stronger so I can do what He wants me to do, even if it’s anything from carrying a sleeping kid to bed, to running from wolves (Lord please don’t make me ever have to run from wolves!!)   My very favorite passage in the Bible is where God lays it all out to Job after Job smarts off to God.  It is very long, so I won’t list it here, but you can look it up online or in your own Bible (Job 38:1-42:17).  This passage gives me goose bumps every time because it is God Himself reminding us of just how great and powerful He is.  Anytime I get to feeling too big for my britches, I am reminded of this passage.  I always think to myself “Go God Go!” when I read it.  Knowing that I am a child of this Great and Mighty Being gives me tremendous hope that I can conquer whatever life throws at me, be it a serious crisis or just 50 extra pounds of fat. (I am not particularly overt with my spirituality, but it is something very close to my heart, so that is why I list it here.)


This is a short list, I could go on and on about the things that inspire me, but I just wanted to share a few of them.  Now it’s your turn…what inspires you to be all you can be (even if you aren’t in the Army)?   And if you have something witty to say, by all means please add that too, seeing as how I sort of left that part out of this post, contrary to what the title may tell you!  😉








5 thoughts on “An inspiring and witty post

  1. What inspires me? My top three (in no particular order!):
    1. My father – after years and years of inactivity, he’s now exercising 3-4 times a week and is fitter than he’s been for a long time. I want him to be proud of me.
    2. The changes I see in my body – seeing the changes inspires me to do more to see more, if that makes any sense. Seeing the muscles emerge from the fat shows me that all the pain and hard work is worth it.
    3. Other bloggers – reading other people’s struggles keeps me motivated to get over my hurdles. After all, I’m not the first one or the last one to feel whatever it is I’m feeling.

  2. I love your list, Jill. That is such a great passage from Job. It’s been a long time since I’ve thought of God like that. Thanks for the reminder & inspiration.

    Definitely this community of bloggers is #1 for me. And I think my increasing fitness is a self-perpetuating inspiration machine. I watched my shoulder muscles work last night while doing upright rows and I thought–holy cow, those are MY muscles! They are cut and defined and strong and no longer buried under a few layers of fat. And I want to keep it that way. Now, if the fat on my thighs & behind would play along and skedaddle, I’d be a mucho happy-o camper-o.

  3. “running from wolves”

    It seems like little phrases dig up old memories…

    I had a geography professor that made us buy a map of the county and go find the corner emblem or whatever it is called for a section (1 mile square) he assigned at random. I was off to find mine and take a picture of it. It turns out it was in a heavily wooded area out of town so although it wasn’t quite dark yet (I was procrastinating) the spot I was in looking was beyond twilight. I found mine emblem, snapped the picture, and was headed back to my car when I spotted a pack of 4-5 wolves walking among the trees. I was up a hill and downwind from them thank God, so I didn’t have to run. But I did sit completely still. Ironically, I could have whipped out a watch and measured my maximum heart rate. They just kept going and I was on my way in 10 minutes. Man would that professor had been in trouble if…

    Great post, I am also inspired by my kids in the same way you spoke of. Just telling them to eat healthy and exercise just isn’t going to teach them anything but how to be a hipocrite.

  4. me?
    wanting to be around FOR my family. Im no spring chicken and I have a 2 year old. that feels like a lot of pressure some days 🙂

    I liked how you phrased this:
    Women who train for something and have the muscles and mental fortitude to conquer their sport.
    it IS so mental. not just the pushing on through when you think you can DO NO MORE (regardless of the sport) but even getting started in the first place.


  5. Hey Jill, I am back to work today, and for some reason I can’t be witty, or even think well at work. That didn’t come out right–I can be witty and think well at work, but not about anything BUT work…anyways, absolutely love your post, you gave me lots to think about, and since I am so long-winded will probably write a blog about what inspires me over the weekend.

    Hey, that was great that you went over to Lynn’s blog to encourage her.

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