brain is blank today

Um…okay well here’s the deal (I seem to start a lot of posts that way, don’t I?) – I can’t think of anything witty or inspirational to write today, so what I need from the four people who actually read this blog is for you all to go to your own blogs and write something witty and inspirational, so that when I come check out your blogs, I will be inspired by YOU to write something witty and inspirational.  So quit reading my gibberish and go write something. GO!  GO NOW!!  🙂



5 thoughts on “brain is blank today

  1. HAHAHAHAHA! My first laugh out loud sounds of the day, Jill. I didn’t scare the sleeping dogs though. Even when you can’t think you are funny.

  2. So I just decided to start my blog yesterday. I was looking around at other fitness type blogs and found yours and it was the one I spent the most time at.

    So I posted today, and since you offered… go read mine and get inspired. 😉

    By the way congrats on reaching overweight! I am planning to leave the clydesdale division as my first goal just as soon as I can but its going to take some weeks of effort.

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