I got approximately 2 hours of sleep last night due to the party God was having on my roof top.  Yes, God has a strobe light and a subwoofer that thumped a strange and unrhythmic beat all night long.  Oh, and did I mention the 3.5 inches of party confetti He threw down?  Yeah, potato wagon, my aunt fanny!   The angels weren’t bowling; they were shaking their groove thangs right above my bedroom – ALL NIGHT LONG. 

Seriously, I have never seen so much lightning in all my life. That must have been one KA-RAZY party!!


I did lots of cooking yesterday, and I did something that was thrilling and a little disturbing – I pounded chicken breasts.  They were very large and very thick, so in order to get them to cook evenly on the grill, I decided to flatten them out. I had never done this before, but I put them between some plastic wrap and since I don’t have a meat mallet, I used the back of a very heavy ice cream spade that I got for free at Braum’s Ice Cream Store.  It worked really well!  I was a little ill when I saw the guts of the chicken breast spilling out from between the plastic, but once I cooked those babies up; it was pure char-grilled heaven! 


I also made some egg muffins that I found here.  Kalyn is a South Beach-er and she has some great recipes on her site.  I am out the door by 6:30 every morning so I need something quick and easy for breakfast and these fit the bill nicely.  I had two this morning with some bacon and I wasn’t hungry again for 4 hours.  Even if you don’t do SB, go check her out!


People are starting to notice my weight loss.  What is it about the 15 pound mark that makes people suddenly see you differently?  My mom and my sister both called me skinny this weekend, even though I am far from that, and one of the guys at work had mentioned that I looked thinner, but he thought it was because my hair was different (it isn’t).  It’s funny, when people comment on my weight, what I really want to tell them is, “hey, you should see me on the treadmill!!”  If there were an Olympic Treadmill Walking event, I would sooo be in the running for the Gold.  I love that I am sweating buckets when I am finished – it is so cool to see my shoulders glisten from the perspiration, and then to see that my shoulders are becoming more angular (at least more than they were before).  Finally seeing results gives me so much of a high that I want to keep going, and so I do- every day for 30 minutes somewhere between 6 and 7pm!  Think of me at this time and send cool breezy vibes my way, k? 


So that’s about it for now.  Hope you all have a wonderful week!  


Note to self:  do not leave apple cores in the wastebasket in your office over the weekend.  You will walk into a serious fruit-fly infestation come Monday morning! Not a great way to start the day. Pesky little buggers!