My Very First Ever Meme!!

LauraN tagged me for a meme -my first ever!!  I feel like one of the cool kids now!   I’m supposed to tell you 5 things that you may not know about me.  (Ooooooo, can you feel the crackle of excitement in the air?!) I’m so excited!

Here be da Rules:

(1) Link your tagger(s) and post these rules
(2) Share 5 unknown Facts about yourself
(3) Pay it forward! Link 5 more bloggers and include their names in your post
(4) Leave them a comment on their blog and let them know that they’ve been tagged

Here we go!

1)   I have a degree in French.  Yep, that’s right, the Okie can parler some Francais!   After college I found that there were not very many employment opportunities for French-speaking co-eds.  I was going to become a high school teacher, but after a semester of student teaching, I realized that I don’t really like kids.  I love MY kids, but other people’s kids? Not so much.

2)  My biggest regret?  NOT taking Spanish in high school and college.   (See #1)

3)  I am actually quite shy (I know, hard to believe).   However, once I get to know someone, no matter how hard I try to restrain it, my goofy side inevitably comes out and I become the life of the party.  It just takes me a while to warm up.

4)  I am neither a city girl nor a country girl.  I am stuck somewhere in between.  I have a love beautiful high heels, but I also love fishing from a bass boat.   I read classics like Rebecca, but I can also tell you the names of all the rock stars in the BASS fishing world (thanks to the hubs and his addiction to BassMasters every Saturday morning). 

5)  I have two sisters who are 9 and 10 years older than me.  I sort of grew up as an only child, but with 2 extra moms.  My sisters and I think we are the funniest people on the face of the planet – when we get together we actively try to make each other laugh. It’s a riot!  I wouldn’t trade my sisters for anything! =)


Now that you know a little about me,  I am tagging the following fabulous ladeez for this same meme:

Grumpy Chair






Have fun girlies!!!


4 thoughts on “My Very First Ever Meme!!

  1. I am laughing so hard at the “I don’t really like kids” phrase. I got my degree in Sociology with an emphasis in juvenile treatments. Took one semester of an internship and working with the delinquents for me to decide “I don’t really like kids”.

    How fun having three mommas.

  2. Okay Jill, Of course this little challenge is making me feel bloggy inadequate, because I don’t have five bloggy friends to pay it forward to! Which reminds me of your comment about having all your friends in a box on your desk, which kinda creeped me out in a twilight zone sort of way. I was glad when I checked out what you said again and you said it made you sad at the same time. But I agree, I really look forward to hearing from the different people whose blogs I visit, and I’m always disappointed when they don’t post. (I always miss you on the weekends!)

    Anyways, about YOUR five things–fascinating! I didn’t get a degree, but I took french from 7th grade through 2nd year of college–bonjour! Completely useless in my life now, and I SO wish I had taken spanish, especially at work when using a translator, and there is this whole conversation going on between the translator and parents, and the translator turns to me and says, “she says okay.” WHAT???

    I totally loved your “I don’t like kids” comment. And I never thought of it, but relate to your country/city girl thing too. Me and my sister can crack each other up better than anyone else. I guess that is because we know each other better than anyone else.

    Well, check my site to find out five FASCINATING facts about me!!

  3. Hey there, fellow pear. I came across your site from Pokey’s page, and I thought I would drop a line. I haven’t had a chance to read too much, but so far I’m entertained. = )

  4. Ha! How funny that you, Alicia, and I (and there are probably more of us) all thought we wanted to work with kids until we actually started working with kids.

    On the city/country girl thing. I grew up in the country, and never fit in. I hated bugs, hated mud & dirt, hated walking barefoot in the grass (what if a bee stung me?!), hated the cow poo in my grandparents barn that we had to walk through if we wanted to play in the hay (I actually did like that part). It’s a wonder I survived. My aunt–who was only 5 years older than me and I spent a lot of time at her house (my grandma’s) in the summers since they lived down the hill from us and my mom & dad both worked–called me painty-waist and pansy because I was such a sissy. I hated that, too.

    I was so happy when I got to go to college and move to the city. And I still don’t like to walk barefoot in the grass.

    Loved your 5 things!

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