Busy to nth degree

I don’t know why, but they busy-ness of my life seems to have increased exponentially in the last couple of weeks.  Usually things slow down in the summer for me, but not this summer apparently.  My work load is heavier than usual, and my work load at home is pretty freakin big too.  It just seems to never end.  Hopefully next week we will be finished with baseball (except for one more tournament), and the hubs will be back from his fishing trip in Canada, so maybe things will lighten up a little. 


The kids have to be at the sitter’s by 6:30 in the morning, so I have been getting up at 5:00 in order to get myself and them ready for the day.  Getting up at 4:30 to walk is not something I can do right now, so I have been giving myself a break from the early morning walks and instead doing it in the afternoon.  So far so good, but some days, I really have to fight to squeeze in a workout.  I figure 15 minutes is better than no minutes at all. 


I’m thinking about getting some DVDs to work out with in the cool air conditioning of my living room, because sometimes it gets a bit stifling in the garage on the treadmill.  I have a yoga DVD, but it is pretty low key and really only good for relaxing.  I’m thinking maybe something in the form of kickboxing – I don’t have the patience to learn a whole aerobic dance routine these days.  I have several Denise Austin videos, but sometimes she gets on my nerves, and I get fed up with all the intricate little moves she throws in.   I need something simple, but fun.  Any suggestions?


Gotta get back to work, have a great day y’all. 

3 thoughts on “Busy to nth degree

  1. Can you set up a box fan in the garage to get the air moving? I am no good at DVD workouts. For what ever reason, I can’t make myself workout at home. It’s a mental thing, I guess, so no suggestions from me.

    Your schedule is NUTS. That is just way to early, girl. Hang in there.

  2. I hope you get some down time soon! While living in Tulsa, I sold boiler tubing and the summers were always a little more crazier because everyone was working/repairing boilers in the summer.

    Fang Jr. is so sick of baseball, he didn’t even want to do the baseball camp next week. Thankfully I hadn’t signed him up yet.

    Regarding DVD workouts; I do good with the Biggest Loser workout videos (season one and two). They are quick and you can pick and chose what workouts you want. Each one has cardio and weight training segments. Did I mention how quick they are as in 20 mins.?!!!! They are the cheapest on Amazon.

    I have a few DVD’s that I have bought and never used more than once or twice that I am going to start giving away, mainly because I don’t like them, so I doubt you would either (that parallel universe thing!)

  3. DVD’s suggestion:
    See what your local library has (or can get for you) and try them.

    If you have a friend that is a garage sale nut – have that person look for you.

    Ask everyone that you see what they have that you might borrow and try.

    It is very hard to “tell” from packaging what is – good and bad – fit for you.

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