Breaking up is (not) hard to do

Happy Friday Folks!!



First off, wow – you guys have lots to say when it comes to chores!  I’m eager to hear more, so if you haven’t already, go here and leave me a comment on what you would do!  I have some ideas in mind for my own kiddos, but I want to see what happens when I run it past them, and then I’ll do a post about it next week, k? 


I’m still formulating Post #2 in my Changing My Thinking Series (that sounds like a title for an infomercial, no?), so when I can get some of my points a little more in order, I’ll post that too.


So what am I going to post about today? 


Well, here’s the deal.  I’m bored with WW…again. 


Going back to WW in February was kind of like getting back together with an old boyfriend – at first you remember all the good times and the fun you had and how it was exciting and new, and then after a while you remember why you broke up in the first place.  It just isn’t working out. 


I don’t know why, but I always fall into the trap of eating the crap that has the most artificial sweeteners in it, and then 2 and 3-point snacking my way through a whole day’s worth of points.  And it doesn’t matter that I go over my daily points allowance, I just write it all down and keep going over!!  So I think it’s better if I get out now, instead of hanging around to see if it’s going to get worse.   I’ve done this often enough that I know my heart really isn’t in it, and plus I can use that $40 a month on something really important, like shoes.  


So what will I do now?  I’ve got something in the works, but I don’t want to go into it right now.   Still have some tweaking to do before I lay it all out on the table, ya know? 


So, (I start off a lot of my sentences with that don’t I?) in lieu of Changing the World!, here are some pictures of animals in unnaturally disturbing garb. 


Have a good weekend!!




funny dog pictures


3 thoughts on “Breaking up is (not) hard to do

  1. “Well, here’s the deal. I’m bored with WW…again”

    I think this can apply to any diet plan. At the momeht I am officially (allegedly) according to my membership card, a member of the Rosemary Conley low fat diet + exercise plan, but I also find it a bit restrictive and boring after a while.

    I have begun to realise recently that what I really need to do, is not be obsessive about WW point counting or Rosemary Conley calorie and fat counting, but just EATING SENSIBLY — just eating 3 x normal sized meals that a NORMAL sized person would eat …. sounds simple, in theory, doesn’t it?

    Well, in practice I am finding it difficult because 20 years of fatdom and stuffing my face have made it difficult for me to know how much (or, rather, how little) a “NORMAL” person does eat ….. but I’m trying to cut down until I get there !!

    (And what made me think of this is that “normal” sized people who DON’T have weight and size issues DON’T spend their lives counting points and calories!)

    Best wishes,

  2. I got that same way with WW. The points system has it’s drawbacks, and one of them is feeling like you can cheat but still not be cheating. I’d eat 24 points of crappy food and call it a day on plan. Yeah, you don’t lose weight on 1200 calories of sugar, flour, and fat.

    So, =), I hope whatever you find will work for you. I agree with Sharon, that eating real food in sensible portions is the way to go. That’s basically what I did on LA Weight Loss.

    Hope you are doing well!!

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