I have this issue that I need some help with, and just to let you know this has nothing to do with fitness, or weight loss, or anything to do with healthy living.  It’s about my kids, my son in particular.   Monkey* is 11 and he is dangerously close to becoming one of those lazy, video game playing, TV-addicted kids, you know, the kind of kid we all hope our kids DON’T turn out to be.  He is very quiet, introspective, and doesn’t give us much trouble at all, but he has no drive or ambition whatsoever.  He does not have an aggressive bone in his skinny little body.   My issue is…


Summer Chores (gasp! No!  Not Summer Chores!!!)


 I know, I know, but just hear me out. 


I feel like this is the summer where he either learns how be responsible and grows into a decent human being, or he becomes completely lazy and lives with his parents until he is 30 (I CANNOT, for the sake of my own sanity, let that happen).    Also, my daughter SuzyQ* is 7, and Priss* is 3 and I know they are old enough to be helping out some as well.  I don’t expect a lot of Priss of course, but it’s never too early to start. 


I will admit, I have been at fault for not being consistent with chores, and I let them get away with not helping out far more often than I should have, but I’m at a point where I cannot do it all by myself anymore.  When I was a SAHM, sure I could do most of it, but not anymore, not with working full time, and running to different activities and such.  


We have tried charts and tickets and stickers, but nothing seems to hold their interest for very long.  I have always started with the intention of paying them for their chores, but honestly sometimes, I just can’t afford it, and really should they be paid for helping out around the house? 


So what do you all do?  What works or did work for you when your kids were young?  And what kinds of jobs do you think are appropriate for an 11 year old boy and a 7 year old girl? 


And what do you do if the chores don’t get done?  Do you ground them, or take away their toys?  This is also something I have trouble with – I don’t have a set example of what happens when they fail to do their chores.  



I am anxious to hear what you all have to say about this, so please leave a comment!  I would like to start this as soon as possible and I’ll post some of your ideas tomorrow so feel free to share!  Thanks!!



*obviously not their real names, but these are their real nicknames. This is what I call them most of the time anyway.