After my “lifestyle change” rant yesterday, a couple of commenters (Vickie & Debby) made some good points:  the word “diet” is another one of those grrrr-inducing words.  Diet, I believe, actually means what you eat on a daily basis, such as “the koala survives on a diet of eucalyptus leaves” or “the diet of a rabbits consists largely of salads from the buffet at Jason’s Deli”.  I’m kidding, of course, but you get my point.  Nowadays it means “so you’re on the cigarettes and cabbage leaves diet to lose weight right?”  It now means a way of eating strictly for the end result of lost weight (I made that up, but it sounds official, doesn’t it?!).   Debby made this point “I agree with Vickie about the word “diet” just because to most people “diet” has a beginning and an end, and that is why most people regain all the weight they’ve lost.”  I completely agree, and when I said “let’s go back to using the word “diet”” I wasn’t really using it in that context.  I was using it in the context of this is what I eat everyday. So that being said, I probably could have come up with a better ending to my post, but I was pressed for time and needed to shut the thing down, and so I just threw that last part in there.  I personally don’t want to be on a diet, or a lifestyle change – I want to learn how to eat better and learn what my body can do when I exercise it regularly, oh, and in the process of that, I want to lose 40 pounds. 😉

And while I’m thinking of it, go check out Debby’s blog and read her latest post –she is new to bloggyland and  this is one cool lady who has accomplished some very cool stuff!  (Debby, I’m still waiting to find out what you did with the cookie conundrum!)


Okay, on to American Idol (you may skip this part if you didn’t watch) cause Laura and I have some celebrating to do!!!  David Cook won and I am so, so happy that he did, not just because Tulsa is his old stomping grounds, but because he is a great personality on stage.  He mixes the bad boy rocker attitude with boy- next- door niceness (did you hear him sing Music of the Night?  Swoon!!!)  and I find that hard to resist!  David Archuletta is a great singer, but I think he needs just a few more years to mature, when he hits twenty one, watch out because he is going to be a hottie!  I think they are two different types of singers, both good in their own right – David Cook is more along the lines of Chris Daughtry, while David Archuletta reminds me of Michael Buble and Josh Grobin (double swoon!).  I know the Idol Tour is coming to Tulsa on Sept 13th but I doubt if I could get tickets now, I may have to check into that.  I really enjoyed this season and I’m a little misty to see it end, but hey… there’s always America’s Got Talent, right? (That was sarcasm… in case you thought I was serious.) 🙂