Since the bad mood has filtered its way into day 3, there’s something I just have to get off my chest…


                               It’s not a diet, it’s a lifestyle change!”


I am so sick to death of this phrase that if I hear it one more time, I’m going to go Britney and shave my head in a total freak out.  Who was the marketing moron who came up with this?  Eating healthier and working out, are just that – eating healthier and working out.  I don’t think I need to overhaul my WHOLE ENTIRE LIFE just to be a little bit healthier, do I?  No.


A lifestyle change for me would be if I suddenly became a vegetarian lesbian.  THAT’S a lifestyle change, but eating a few more salads and walking a few times a week – not so much.  (And if you are a vegetarian lesbian, great, more power to you!  You go be the best veggie lesbian you can be and I’ll continue to be the best hetero carnivore I can be.) 


My lifestyle is dictated by factors other than what I eat and how often (or not) I work out.  Let’s say I do lose 50 pounds in a year.  Will my lifestyle really be that different than it is now?  I’ll still have the same husband, the same kids, and the same house.  I’ll still have tons of laundry to do, my bathroom will still be slightly disgusting, and my car will most likely still be the same POS it is now.  I will still get up and come to work everyday and I will have to cook dinner most every night.   My lifestyle will be the same, my ass will just be smaller, that’s all.    


Yes, yes I know that with weight loss come a certain amount of self esteem and self confidence that can lead a person to do things s/he would not normally have done previously – run a marathon, take a trip, etc.  But does it REQUIRE a change in lifestyle in order to happen?  NO! 


Telling overweight people that they have to overhaul their whole entire lives in order to be healthy is not the  way to get someone off the couch and into a gym.  However,  if “they” were to tell people, “yes you can do this, you just have to find a way to make it fit into your daily life”, I could get on board with that, but if you tell me I have to change my lifestyle? Forget it; I like my lifestyle, which is why I choose to live it everyday. 


Diet has become a four letter word these days, and no one wants to admit they are on a “diet” anymore, but the term “lifestyle change” is just a euphemism for diet, so what’s the difference?  Can we please just go back to using the word “diet”?  It takes fewer syllables to say and it’s a term we all understand. 


I’ll go first – my DIET consists of mostly healthy foods with a few junky items thrown in for good measure.  I work out a little, not as much as I would like, but I get it in when I can.  I am losing weight, albeit slowly, but I’m finding ways to work these things in to my already jam-packed days. 


And doing it this way fits my lifestyle just fine, thank you very much.