My mood today

Am in a bad mood today and cannot think of anything funny or witty to post about, so I won’t.


This is kinda how I feel today:

funny pictures





This kinda sums it up nicely too:

Humorous Pictures



Okay, just one more:


funny dog pictures

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  1. Oh girl, I feel your pain. I’m PMS’ing this week, and last night I could barely keep my temper with the kids. WHY do they thinkg “PLEASE??????” is going to get their way? I rarely ever give in, yet they keep on and on and on. ARGH. Drives me nuts. Well, most days I can handle it but yesterday was not the day.

    Hope it’s getting better today. Loved the pics of the grumpy animals.

  2. Loved all your pictures (especially the first one cuz that is me when hubby is telling me a way too detailed uninteresting story about something that happened to somebody’s uncle’s coworker.)

  3. We are in the same place..sometimes just a pic says it all. I feel like I see a little light at the end of the tunnel and a little less stressed..I hope you will feel that way too with the LOOOOOOOOOONG weekend and all. THanks for the smiles!!

  4. Awwww, Jill, don’t be sad, or mad. We all still love you! Even if you are the wittiest, funniest blogger on my list, and I look forward to your every post, you are allowed to have an off day once in a while, I guess. Take it easy, and be good to yourself, just not with too much food! If I lived close, I’d make you a batch of Hungrygirl’s Death by Chocolate Cupcakes…and try not to eat all of them myself before I got to your house (LOL out loud, as Monk says.)

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