Sorry for the lack of postings lately – work has been crazy and life has been even crazier.  I have a post about accountability rolling around in my brain, just no time to put words to keyboard.  Here’s a question for you that I have been thinking about lately – do you use food as a reward?  I know the current wisdom is to say never never ever use food as a reward, but I like food, and I like to be rewarded, so is a weekly splurge after weigh in a boon or a bust?  I would loooove to know everyone’s thoughts on this one – should make for some interesting discussions!  And if you do use food as a reward, what kind of food?  Do you go for chocolate or ice cream, or chocolate ice cream?  How about alcohol – do you use a glass of wine as a reward (my preference would be a margarita, but that’s just me).  All you lurkers out there, now is the time to make your voice heard on this oh-so-very important issue!  And I promise to deliver a real post next week when things have slowed down a bit (I hope). 


Have a great weekend y’all!!