Boobalas, Books, and Bowties

Happy Monday everyone!!


I hope you all had a good relaxing weekend, I know I did.


Is it completely weird that my last post gave me the most comments I have ever had on my blog?  Who knew that bras and nipplage were such popular subjects?  Thanks for all the advice – I’m going shopping this weekend (God willing) and I am going to look for some *helpers* or at the very least new bras. 



I finished Pasta Queen’s book Friday night, amid  shouts of joy of my family (yay! Mom’s not ignoring us anymore!!).  It’s a great read and I plan on reading it again.  I’d give you a full review, but I figure you can find reviews better than the one I would give (go check out Laura’s review), so I’ll just say – I liked it. A lot.  Good job PQ!!


Yesterday (after much lying around doing a whole lot of nothing), we went to a restaurant called The Hammett House – a place my MIL loves to go for every holiday. It’s a mom and pop place, but it thinks it is very fancy, which it really isn’t, but if you know anything about small town politics, you know that places like this they are better than any chain restaurant.  I have never been really crazy about this place – its food is overpriced and just so-so and the only time we go there is when MIL has something to celebrate (birthday, Mother’s Day, etc).  Yesterday, however, my opinion of The HH changed.  I had THE BEST SALAD EVER IN THE HISTORY OF SALADS.  Oh my word, people, you have never tasted such deliciousness in all you life.  The name was something like “Caramelized Salmon with Strawberries Salad”.  They had me at *caramelized*.  It was chunks of salmon that was caramelized (no, really?), with slivered almonds, red onion, strawberries, chilled bowtie pasta, on a bed of spinach leaves with raspberry vinaigrette dressing.  Ho.Ly. Cow!!!  I must learn to make this salad.  The bowtie pasta really didn’t add anything, but it was different, so I figure you could add it in or not and the salad would be just as good.  I don’t know how many calories were in this thing and I don’t care.  I’m salivating just thinking about it now!!  Yum!! 


After all the deliciousness of Mother’s Weekend (cause you really can’t limit it to just one day), I knew I needed to walk this morning, only when my alarm went off, I didn’t get up.  For some odd reason, I just didn’t want to walk.  I had a couple of really good cardio pumping walks over the weekend (dare I say I ran a little? I actually ran a lot on Saturday), so I was looking forward to my walk this morning.  But this morning I just said “no”, and reset my alarm and didn’t get on the tm.  Now I feel like I forgot to brush my teeth or put deodorant on or something.  I just feel off.   I’ll probably try to walk this afternoon just so I can say I did it.  That’s a funny thing for a couch potato to say, don’t you think?



4 thoughts on “Boobalas, Books, and Bowties

  1. Hey Jill, I am the first one to post-Yay! (like you on PQ this morning.) I am enjoying her book too. It is making me appreciate things that I have accomplished that I have started to take for granted. BTW, congratulations on your mileage over on TL’s challenge–you are going great guns.

    You are really a good writer, Jill, and so funny. I really look forward to your blogs. Your description of the restaurant was totally a description of my Dad’s favorite restaurant. I had to go there last week, and I only wish I had chosen a salad instead of the icky chicken parmesan that I thought was going to be a treat. I should have known better. The funniest thing about this restaurant is that it is run by the brother of the guy who owns my Mom’s favorite restaurant, which is also an icky ‘upper class’ greasy spoon. My parents used to have good taste. I am scared this will happen to me soon!

    Salmon salad is something I never would have tried in my old days, but it is a favorite now. I use Paul Newman’s lo-fat sesame ginger dressing, with salmon, fresh pineapple, baby carrots, and baby lettuce from a bag. Not quite as exotic as yours, but fast and easy and yummy!

    Keep up the good exercise, and sorry about the long post!

  2. Hi – I just found your blog thru PQ. That salad sounds good – was the restaurant trying to do a Pacific Northwest kind of thing? It sounds somewhat like stuff we eat up here.
    While looking thru your earlier entries, I noticed you said you were tired all the time. I agree that sugar may be doing it, plus maybe lack of sleep which you also have mentioned, but I have another suggestion.

    I used to be tired all the time, too, until I learned that a low thyroid (non-clinical condition) can cause that. Isn’t that why you had your blood tested? You were right to check that first. But, in my search for nutrition knowledge, I learned that iron isn’t that good for us – can even be lethal at certain levels and times of our lives (menopause).

    Anyway, I started to take kelp tablets for the iodine, which has the effect of improving thyroid function. Just start with a fairly high dose – about 3x recommended daily level and see how you feel. The kelp tablets allow you to calibrate the dose to your own needs. If you start to feel shaky, which you might if you also drink a lot of coffee, you can cut back. Lack of iodine, if it leads to a low thyroid function, can also make you depressed. Since I started taking the little tablets, I’ve been in great mental and physical condition.

    Your clicks should start coming thick and fast these days – it sounds as if you are on the right track and your clicks are signaling that.

  3. Wasn’t it a great read?! I am the same way with books, though–can’t put ’em down if they’re good. DH suffers the worst, though, b/c I start reading when putting Sophie to bed (yes, she’s almost 7 and I still lay down with her to get her to sleep. She’ll be kicking me out any day now, I’m sure) and don’t stop until I fall asleep.

    Hope you got your walk in! Your body is craving those endos. I totally know what you mean about feeling off when you don’t get to work out.

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