I just did something weird. I chose an apple over chocolate graham crackers for my midmorning snack.Yeah, I know, I’m destined for greatness, right?


Anyway, I got my copy of Pasta Queen’s book yesterday and promptly sat myself down on my couch and ignored my family to Chapter 7. So far, I’m really enjoying the read. She’s funny and insightful and there have been several places where I’ve thought to myself, “hmmm, yes I agree” and “BWAHAHAHAHA, that was freakin great!!”
I think when I finish reading it, I’m going to go back and re-read it and highlight those passages that I find especially inspiring – there are quite a few. I highly recommend the book.


I haven’t been tracking my food very well (read: at all) this week, but eating hasn’t been out of control, although I’m certain I have gone over my points on a couple of days. I’m not sweating it though because I feel really good right now. I don’t feel bloated or heavy or yucky, so I think that the eating better and walking consistently are helping (duh).

So here’s the latest ponderance (is that a word? Well it is now) rolling around in my brain: twice in one week, two people have questioned my need to lose weight. The first was the hubs – I was lamenting how hard it is for me to lose weight and he said, “But you still look good. I like the way you look.” I know – I swooned a little myself! The second person was my boss. He is on WW and has been losing weight, so I talk to him sometimes about it. I mentioned getting my thyroid checked to see if that is why losing weight is so hard for me, and he said “is that why you got your blood work done?? Jill you are not big!!” Okay, no maybe I’m not 300 pounds, but I am still 40-50 pounds over my healthy, normal, happy weight. To me, that is a lot!! Granted, I carry most of my weight in the lower half of my body and you better believe I cover it well, but still, I am on the obese side of the BMI chart, and that does not sit well with me. (I know this sounds like I talk about my weight to other people all the time, but these were rare, isolated incidents when the topic happened to come up. Just wanted to clear that up.)
I just find it rather odd that 2 people (okay men) would say that. Are men really that oblivious? My ass cannot be ignored, people – it’s pretty freakin big – so why question my decision to lose weight? I’m probably over-thinking this, but just thought I’d throw it out there for you all to chew on (the question, not my ass. I don’t like getting my ass chewed).


Okay one more weird thing for Friday, and just to warn you, it might be TMI: I just stuffed my bra, and not for the usual reasons. It’s getting warmer here in the great state of Oklahoma, and so my need for jackets and sweaters is no longer, um… a need (I should reword that, but I don’t feel like it). So now it’s short sleeved shirts and I feel rather exposed…when a cool breeze comes my way…in the breast area…specifically the very middle of the breast area. Do you understand what I’m trying to say here? Okay, well let me put it this way: (whispering) I’m nipping out! 
And when you work with 6 guys that can be a bit embarrassing for everybody. So I went into the bathroom and I folded up some TP and stuffed it into my bra, to help minimize the nippage. I think it’s working, but really, I need some advice here. How do you all handle it when the “girls” stand at attention?


Okay, enough weirdness for one day. This weekend, since it’s Mothers Day, I plan on doing only the things that I want to do, Laundry Mountain be damned!! I hope you all have a great weekend and I hope you get lots of Mom’s Day treats, even if you aren’t a mom!!

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  1. That’s why I wear two bras. Seriously. Or go to Dillards in the bra . . . excuse me I mean lingerie section; they have pads just for that reason to insert into your bra. You buy your cup size.

    Gosh, I love your husband’s comment to you (Swooning!)

    Regarding your comment:

    Fang Jr. used to have really bad smelling feet until he started wearing crocs in the summer about 2 years ago. I buy about 3 pairs for the summer and he loves them. Leather sandals are the worst for making feet smell bad. Otherwise, I got nothing. Maybe make him wash his feet after school and playing outside – oh and he might not be scrubbing between his feet?

  2. Apples are one of my favorite snacks when I want something crunchy and sweet–Gala’s are my favorite. Good on ya for choosing the fruit over junk!

    I must say, total acceptance from your hubs about your body is a gift. That is so sweet. And Jill, you probably DO look great. You just know you can look – and *feel* – better. You’re losing weight for yourself, and not for anyone else.

    Have a great weekend and Mommy’s Day!

  3. GC & Laura – I don’t know how I got along without you two for the last 37 years!!! You both are my GOTO girls – I know you’ll always have an answer for all of my weird questions!! Happy Mother’s Day to both of you!! =)

  4. I’m still waiting for my copy of PQ’s book. I can’t wait to read it.

    I worked with an elegant English woman who told my friend to rub her nipples to warm them up but I thought depending on your mood that may make the nippli erecti even worse. I would suggest pasties (what the strippers wear). They have ones that just cover your nipple area and should be enough extra fabric to keep them under wraps. The other option is a good padded bra.

    I hope you have a wonderful Mothers Day!

  5. There must have been a kids with stinky feet question – I just happened to read this (Family Circle, March 2008, page 134):

    “My Feet Really Stink
    Likely cause: sweaty shoes.
    What to do: the damp, dark inside of your sneaks is a breeding ground for smelly bacteria, so wear absorbent cotton socks with shoes made from breathable materials, like canvas and leather. Wash your feet daily with antibacterial soap, and throw a tea party for your toes a few times a week (pour a pot of green tea made with several bags of green tea into a basin; let cool until warm, then soak for 30 minutes). The tea contains powerful polyphenols that knock out organisms that make your feet smell,” say Dr Rozen. If this doesn’t help, talk to your doc because the odor could signal a fungal infection. Athlete’s foot, a fungus that makes skin itch and burn is treatable with OTC creams, while toenail fungus, which often starts with nail discoloration, requires prescription antifungal pills or ointment.”

    Vickie: I think I remember that vicks vapor rub – instead of the expensive prescriptions – works just as well on discolored toenails.

  6. http://baby-steps-v.blogspot.com/2008/02/ran-into-ww-mom-at-school-yesterday.html

    I had to look for a while – but found THE old posting that I remembered. If you copy and paste, you can go back and read it if you want.

    My comments have TOTALLY stopped. No one thinks a thing about my weight any more. The size I am, how I am – is just ME now to everyone around me. My last surprised comment was a friends husband at the pool last summer – that had not seen me in a couple years. He saw me in a very fitted suit and was shocked.

    I think a good part of it is that people are compare the former “us” to the current “us”. And since we are on the way down – they see the difference. If you are out somewhere and they don’t know you – you don’t have this comparison and they don’t notice.

    Clothes make a big difference too. I think we all have times where we haven’t actually lost anything – but perhaps wear better fitting clothes and the comments start flying again.

    Jonathon – another blogger – once wrote that even after one gets to goal – the body continues to change for a year. and I would ammend that to say that the body continues to change for as long as one works on it. TONE is an huge change-er. Even if the weight doesn’t change – when exercise changes up – the body changes.

  7. Fascinating bra-stuffing discussion! (Lots of great other stuff too, but the bras caught my eye).

    I think my gals come with their own heating system because I’ve never had this problem–if they’re cold, everything else is too and by that point I’m wearing a jacket. So I had no idea this was an issue!

    Learn something new every day I guess!

  8. I have the same *nipply* issues and always wear a bra with some padding. Not the thick stuff – since I’m plenty well-endowed – but enough to give the girls some proper coverage 🙂

    I think you ARE destined for greatness with a good food choice. Smart choices aren’t always as easy as some would think….so be proud of each and every one! 😉

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