You’re still my hero, Vicks!

Yesterday was Wednesday, also know as, The Day Jill Called In Sick to Work So She Could Sleep. Tuesday night, my middle daughter, who shall be referred to as S, coughed ALL. NIGHT. LONG. It went something like this:


S: cough cough cough


S: (Ten minutes later) cough cough cough cough cough


Me: “crap.”


S: (three minutes later) cough cough


Me: “stop coughing”


S: (one minute later) cough cough cough cough cough


Me: “Please God make her stop coughing!”


S: cough cough cough cough cough cough HACK HACK HACK!!!


Me: “God, I gave her cough medicine an hour ago. What do I do now??”


Me: (goes to S’s room) “S, here’s a cough drop.”


S: “I don’t like cough drops.”


Me: “yes you do. Just take it”


S: (shakes head no) “I don’t like them”


Me: (through gritted teeth) “Just. Take. It.” (goes back to bed)


S: (ten minutes later) HACK HACK HACK. BLARGH!!!!!!


Me: “You’ve got to be kidding me…”


S: “Mom, I threw up, it’s all over my sheets.”


Me: (sigh) “Okay, get in bed with your sister; I’ll change your bedding.”


(After 20 minutes of changing sheets (on the top bunk – not easy at 3 in the morning))


Me: “what to do, what to do… Aha!”


Me: “Let’s put some of this on your chest and throat and see if that doesn’t help”.


S: (very sleepy voice) “Okay.”


Ten mintues later: Silence


Twenty minutes later: Silence


Thirty minutes later: Still more silence (Silence is golden!)


Me: “Thank you God for Vap-o-rub!!”

I got about two hours of sleep that night, so when the alarm went off at 5am, I said, uh-uh, and went back to sleep. I called in sick. I never call in sick, but I knew I’d be worthless at work, so I stayed home and napped all day – it was great.

S is feeling much better today and since I slathered her in vaporub at bedtime last night, she coughed a few times, but nothing like the night before. We all slept much better last night.

Between all my napping, I ate a little more than usual, but nothing out of control. I am finding it difficult to cut back on sugar since EVERYTHING IN THE WORLD has sugar in it. I had no idea how much sugar is in the foods I have at home. This may be harder than I thought…

Well, anyway, today I am focusing on drinking tons of water since I had very little yesterday and am feeling a little dehydrated. That plus my Nyquil hangover today (I took some Nyquil Sinus last night, I think I may catching whatever S has) has left me feeling a tad bit groggy today, but I hope that focusing on work will take my mind off of how much I want to be back on my couch sleeping through a Shirley Temple movie as I was doing this time yesterday.

Hope you all are having a rested, happy day!!

2 thoughts on “You’re still my hero, Vicks!

  1. Well even though I’m bummed you’re dealing with sick kids and are exhausted, I still enjoyed myself reading your post. You are so funny.

    You did the right thing by calling into work. I’m sure they survived without you.

    Hope things are better at your house health wise. And knowing there’s sugar in all that food is the first step to getting it out of your diet, so way to go being aware of it now.

  2. I’m a firm believer in the power of Vap-o-rub. I use it every single time I’m sick and it ALWAYS makes me better. I’m pretty sure that stuff could cure cancer.

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