Isnt’ that a fun title?  Say it a few times…kinda puts you in a happy mood, no?

Can I just say how much I looooove all my bloggyland friends??? You guys rock, you really do. All of your comments were super supportive about my last post, and I think I want you all to move to my town so we can have coffee every morning and talk over the fence, like real neighbors. I’ll quit my job just so we can talk every morning. How fun would that be???

And a big HELLOOOOOOO to all the new commenters that commented in my comments – I loves me some comments!



Before I get started I think I should mention that my mom and my sister mean well, they really do. And they are supportive of me even if they don’t really GET IT. They are just normal women who are like so many others; it just seems like such an insurmountable task to lose weight. Plus they don’t know all of the greatness in bloggerville. I pity them for their lack of bloggy knowledge. 😉

Okay where to begin, oh yeah, the title of the post was inspired by Laura, who mentioned that things will start to click for me. And I think they are clicking, although not in one big CLICK, more like lots of little clicks, but altogether along the way, the clicks add up to a big click, I hope.


Oh lord I am a rambling fool today.


Anyway, what I am so poorly trying to explain is that, yes, I hear clicks. Like dead people, only they aren’t dead, and they aren’t people, they’re clicks.


“For Pete’s sake, Jill, get to the point already!!”


Okay, an example of the clicks – yesterday all day long I contemplated the whole can-I-live-without-sugar thing. (You must understand that sugar and I have had a hot and heavy relationship for many, many, many years now. For me to consider backing off is a major test of will on my part.) I have been mulling it over in my head and last night, after dinner, I ate a very small piece of left-over birthday cake. It was okay, not super, but just okay. Then I had two chocolate chip m&m cookies (I had two because I hoped the second would taste better than the first – I’m all about second chances). They were good, but I realized that they weren’t as good as the fruit & nut mix I had eaten before dinner. That’s when I realized that No; I most likely will NOT die if I cut back on the sugar.  My sugary treats weren’t that great and they made me feel kinda blah.  So *click*. I think cutting back on the sugar is a realistic step I can take on the road to Healthyville (pop. Me). I don’t think I need to cut it out entirely, but I could definitely cut back A LOT.


Another click came today when I read this post that Greta (do you realize if you change the letters in your name it spells Great? Super cool!) had suggested in the comments. Just because I FEEL entitled to eat, or be lazy, or whatever, doesn’t mean that I AM entitled, or that I should follow through on that entitlement feeling. This is the biggest saboteur in my weight loss quest. Had a bad day? You’re entitled to an extra helping at dinner! Lost a couple of pounds at weigh in? You deserve to eat a chocolate chip cookie! Found a great bargain at the store? You should definitely celebrate with an ice cream cone! Um, no – I’m not entitled to wreck all the hard work I’ve done.  So *click*. Just putting a name to the feeling I have when I want to sabotage myself is a huge relief!


One more click came last night at weigh in. I lost 2.4 pounds (yay me!) and I’m sure it’s because I was so active over the weekend. I logged over 10,000 steps both Saturday and Sunday and I know that is the reason for the loss. So *click*.  Not being a lazy slug all weekend long is conducive to weight loss – who knew??!!


All of this clicking inside my head is very exciting and maybe things are starting to make sense and come together. I know myself well enough to know that there will be days when I fall into the pit of despair, and I have much more to learn, but it’s nice to know the fog is starting to clear up.


And now for something completely different: This is completely off topic, but when I mentioned my daughter’s birthday yesterday, I forgot to mention the really cool part about her birth: she was born on 5-5-05, at 5:55pm, in Labor & Delivery Room 5. Yep, I roll out some cool kids in some cool ways!!