The results are in…

I briefly mentioned last week that I got some blood work done to check my thyroid and to see if there was any other reason that causes me to be SO DAMN TIRED ALL THE TIME. Turns out, there is no reason. My blood work came back normal, except that I am borderline anemic.I don’t mind telling you that I was really hoping for a little hypothyroidism, because then I would know why it is so hard for me to lose weight. But no, no such luck here!! I know that sounds bad, but I really can’t believe that it is normal to always be tired, and have to fight for every ounce lost.

So my plan of action includes a multivitamin with iron and an earlier bedtime. Six hours of sleep is just not enough for me. Seven to eight is prime.

Okay this is going to sound weird, but I have been having this, I don’t know what you’d call it – a feeling, a nudging, a stirring that I need to take some steps toward something different. You know the saying, “if you always do what you’ve always done, you’ll always get what you’ve always gotten”, well I don’t want to keep doing what I’ve always done just for the sake of staying in the norm. And by *the norm*, I mean what is normal in my family – the things my mother and sister do, and expect me to do as well. There is this unspoken rule that sweets are the Holy Grail, and it is just too hard to lose weight, and exercise is just too hard to do, so why bother, and pass me another brownie please. All the women in my family are moderately overweight, but it’s just accepted that yes we are fat, but really there’s nothing we can do about it, so pass me another cookie please. And it is so much easier to talk about how we wish we could lose weight, but we just can’t live in a world without bread and butter, and barbeque, and pasta, and cake, and hey, will you hand me that candy bar?


I want to be different. I want to be healthy. I want to be athletic. They already think I am crazy for getting up at 5am to walk for 30 minutes, so what if I told them I wanted to train for and run a 5k? That would just be inconceivable.

I’d like to give up sugar for awhile – just to see if I could do it, and how it would make me feel. I’d like to go to the grocery store and NOT bring Little Debbie home with me. They would really think I was off my rocker if I told them I was getting off the sugar! But I would like to learn more about nutrition and what eating healthy really means. Surely there’s got to be more to life than birthday cake and pecan pie.

I’m afraid to do all of these things because, what would my family think? Would I alienate myself from them and become that “crazy health nut”? I already have an aunt (my mom’s sister) who is very into non-traditional medicine and she takes all kinds of herbs and supplements, but even without that, she is a little wacko anyway. I don’t want to become like her, but I also fear becoming like my mother, who has all sorts of aches and pains, and who moves at a snails pace.

Reading Laura’s and PQ’s posts about running the Indy half marathon (yay Laura!!yay PQ!!) was so inspiring -and that is the feeling I want. I want to do something that I never thought I could do, but I’m not sure what that thing is. Is it running? Is it being sugar free? Is it something outside of myself? I don’t know, but I feel like something is about to happen here, like I’m on the brink of making a decision. I know this sounds all dramatic and everything, but I’m tired of letting life happen to me. I’m tired of letting other people and circumstances dictate the state of my health – my physical, spiritual, and emotional health. I just want to get it all together.

In more lighthearted news – today is my baby’s 3rd birthday!! We had a party for her yesterday and she had so much fun! I love ages 3 and 4 – I think these are the magic years – when they go from being babies to children. I love watching her imagination grow and her understanding of the world open up. She is headstrong and independent, and doesn’t let her big brother or big sister push her around; in fact she is usually the one doing the pushing!! She is fun and exasperating all at the same time. I love her.

Challenge update: since having my pedometer surgically attached to my hip, I am amazed at how much I walk in the course of one weekend! By 10am Saturday morning, I had walked as much as I usually walk during a whole weekday. I logged over 10,000 steps on Saturday and again on Sunday! Amazing what information a little gadget can provide. If I could walk that much everyday, I’d be stick thin!! But as much as I walked all weekend (not intentional on-the-treadmill walking, just busy-running-around walking) I felt so good. I love being productive. I’m going to have to find things to keep me that busy every weekend! (FYI, my busy weekend included getting ready for a garage sale, having garage sale, several trips to store, going to son’s band concert, marathon house cleaning to get ready for bday party, and running around during party, whew!)

So now if I didn’t spend all my money on my daughter’s birthday, I will go today to GNC and buy some good vitamins and hopefully get myself to bed early tonight, and speaking of that, I have a feeling the hubs and I are going to have a heart to heart about bedtimes. He wants me to stay up and talk (among other things, wink wink) after the kids go to bed, but usually I just want to fall into dreamland asap. I think we are both going to have to compromise.

Wow! I don’t think I’ve ever written this much in one post at one time. Guess I had a lot on my mind, huh. Well if you stayed with me this far, thank you. And if you didn’t, then you have no idea I’m writing this anyway, and I could say anything I want about you. But I’ll just end this incredibly long post…now.

8 thoughts on “The results are in…

  1. My suggestion would be not to tell them so much. For example – unless they are standing on your doorstep at 5am – they won’t know you get up to exercise at 5 am – unless you tell them.

    I also don’t think any of us have to make proclamations about what we are or are not eating. Unless you have someone nearly wrestle you to the ground to try a bite of something (which nearly happened to me last June – no thank you just didn’t work).

    We all talk about ALL this stuff in blog land – because we all GET it. and are here to listen. But in the real world – in my opinion – usually they do not get it at all…

  2. Vickie is so right. My blog friends are a huge reason I succeeded this time. NO ONE in my real world gets it. Not one person. And mostly, I don’t talk about it. You probably won’t need to talk as much since you can come here. But, all families are different, and your mileage may vary. =)

    So, yes, you totally can make changes that will give you more energy. IMO, sugar and refined carbs are a HUGE reason we get tired easily and quickly. And obviously big problems on the weight loss front. If you cut them down drastically, like have two starches a day and that’s it (and when I say starches, I mean whole grain stuff), and let yourself have like 150 calories of really good chocolate a day (Green and Blacks–yum! They have it at Target), then you will have more energy but won’t feel deprived because you get some chocolate every day. That’s kind of what I did when I was losing, and what I need to start doing again.

    And lack of sleep contributes to weight gain/struggles to lose weight. There are studies about some hormone that doesn’t get released (or gets released, I forget) that hinders weight loss when you don’t sleep enough. And when you get enough sleep, you will lose more weight. Wacky stuff, this hormone business. And I understand about the DH–mine is a night owl and only needs like 4 or 5 hours of sleep. Not me! If I could have 8 or 9 hours, I’m much happier. It’s usu. 6 or less. Ugh.

    It is really hard to give up the crappy food. It’s an addiction. But once you make it past 3 or 4 days without it, it’s easier. And if you are at a social event where there’s treats, just accept it, then put it aside and don’t eat it (easier said than done, I know). I was reading on someone’s blog how they accepted a piece of birthday cake, took it back to their desk, then ignored it and eventually threw the whole thing away and no one noticed and didn’t think they were a freak for passing up dessert. Could that work with your family?

    Keep it up, Jill. Things will click for you…. I can feel it!

  3. In my opionion that feeling, that urge for change is what causes success! It drives us everday to do something that nobody thinks we can do..

    I am behind you 100% and if there is anything I can help you with just start typing!!

    You will see a HUGE difference when you stop eating sugar… but when you start feeling that sweet tooth yelling in your head reach for an apple. Sweet and good for you!! (a quick tip for those ice cream urges…. try mixing your fav flavor of protein shake with ice and milk in the blender… then freeze it!! A yummy tasty treat that fools your body!!)

    As for your family… maybe it would be better to just let them see the change in you!

  4. Great post! Cranky Fitness had this post today that I’m going to print to help me next time I go to my parent’s house and they can’t understand why I don’t want pie and ice cream. (sorry – I don’t know how to do the link thing) Also, my baby girl turned three yesterday, too, and I want to break the family cycle so she can have a better relationship with food than I do.

  5. This was a great post! I can totally relate to wanting to do things differently despite what those around me may think. I’ve made a lot of extreme changes in my life in the past few years and continue to do so. People have has their friendly advice, but mostly people are afraid to leave their comfort zone and it is uncomfortable when those around us stir things up.

    Go for it! No one will thank us at the end of our lives for not living it the way we want to and need to.

    Also, I have very low energy and honestly the only thing that helps is going to the gym. Even if I feel like I want to nap, forcing myself to the gym and actually doing it has been the only way to come home energized. Really, I promise.

  6. Nice post. For me, not telling people what I’m doing works best. If people notice and ask that’s one thing but I do what I want and try to be as low key about it as possible. I don’t want people to think that I’m trying to be better then them by exercising/giving up sugar/eating more heathy or whatever and I don’t want to hear the “I told you so” if I fall off the wagon, so to speak. It just seems easier to keep my mouth shut about a lot of things and do my own thing.

    This weight loss, healthy lifestyle changes can be a stuggle enough in itself and the less negative energy the better. Just blog about all the wonderful things you’re doing and we’ll be your support and your cheerleaders on your journey.

  7. Hey – I don’t know you from adam…just kinda dropped on in while looking for C25K blogs – i surfed from one blog to another until I came across yours.

    Any my thoughts are w/ the first commenter. Don’t blab to everyone about what you are doing. Just quietly take new steps in the right direction. Exercise more…cut back on the sugar. I wouldn’t suggest standing up at the next dinner party and saying “Listen up y’all….I’m refusing dessert because I’m cutting back on sugar.”

    It seems to be like you have a good support system here on the blog – you don’t need the approval of your mom and sis.

    K…back to minding my own business now :=).

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