I thought it was time to revisit those resolutions I made at the beginning of the year and see how many I have actually kept.


• Finish c25k – not so much, but I may start over again this summer, so I could still keep this resolution before the end of the year

• Run a 5k – well I think first I should train for a 5k before I run it, so see above.

• Keep a supply of B&BW lotions – holy cow I’ve got so much of that stuff it’s coming out of my ears!!

• Paint toenails lavender – Check!! As we speak, I have lavender toenail polish on and I love it!

• Read a non-diet and non-smut book – I read Danielle Steele’s Sisters – it was pretty good and am currently reading Laced by Carol Higgins Clark (Mary’s daughter).

• Get thyroid checked – actually did that this morning! Should have results tomorrow.

• Redecorate bedroom – I made the bed today – does that count?

• Get one of bills paid off – will have one paid off next week – yeehaw!!

• Spend fifty smackers on myself monthly – I’m getting better about this. I still have a hard time spending money on me, when there is so much other stuff I could spend it on, but I realize that if I keep depriving myself, it just makes me resentful and cranky, and it’s not pretty when I get cranky!!

I think I’m doing pretty well at making all my resolutions a reality. It helps to have simple resolutions. 🙂