I went to a different WW meeting than I usually go to and can I tell ya – WOW!! What a difference!! At my usual location, the leader* is nice- she is in her mid 60’s and kinda funny in an “I’m trying really hard to be funny” kind of way. The room where the meeting is held is very large and there are usually only about 15 people there and everyone sits in the back. No one feels very comfortable talking so it’s usually quiet. Not very motivating to say the least. And there is one receptionist who is…well… she’s just plain weird! I don’t know how else to put it. She is one odd duck. Plus, Tuesdays are hard days for me to go because my son plays baseball EVERY TUESDAY AND THURSDAY FOR THE NEXT 3 MONTHS, *sigh*, so I don’t always make it to the meeting, or if I do, it is because I have to move heaven and earth to get there. So I decided to try a meeting in a nearby town (I live right in between two smallish towns) that is only 10 minutes away from my house.



The leader, can I just take a minute to tell you how awesome she is??? She is in her late 40’s, tall, long dark hair with a style that I covet, and totally cool! Think Cher, but in a good way. She had on these very cool wedge heels and lots of silver bangle bracelets and glasses that made her look smart yet aloof. She was very laid back, but really into what everyone had to say. Very engaging. I think I may have just the slightest hint of a girl crush on her!

The members of the meeting were very chatty and offered suggestions and it made the class that much more interesting. There was one overbearing, obnoxious woman who had to comment loudly about everything, but there’s always one, isn’t there?! Other than that I really enjoyed the meeting and will definitely be making this my permanent meeting location. I left there feeling motivated and ready to put all my effort into it. Such a good feeling!

As far as weigh in, well I think we all know how that turned out. I gained 2 pounds, but I totally expected it, so I’m just going to go into denial about it and pretend it never happened. I’ll lose 3 pounds this week and be back on track – you watch me!

Hope everyone has a good day!

* I hate using the term “leader” – it makes me think I’m in a cult or girl scouts or something. But that’s the lingo, so I guess I’ll have to get used to it!