You want a waaamburger with your french cries???

I just deleted a very long post about how much crap I ate Saturday and how there has been much life-suckage the last two weeks.  It was a very “woe is me, pity me” type post and frankly, it was bringing me down.  So I decided to scrap it and start over.

Basically, here’s what I said: I ate like sh*t Saturday.  I have been doing ALOT of emotional eating the last two weeks and wondering why.  So I’m going to get to the bottom of that.  I refuse to be a slave to my emotions for the next 40 years, and I’m kicking my own ass and getting back in gear.  When I get paid on Wednesday, I will restock my kitchen with healthy options and quit lamenting the fact that all we have is macaroni and 40 kinds of canned vegetables. 

I’ve already racked up some miles on the treadmill and have my ped clipped to my belt, but I just realized that somehow it reset itself, so now those 4000+ steps that I have already taken have disappeared but that’s okay, I can deal. 

It’s all good.  

Peace out.

3 thoughts on “You want a waaamburger with your french cries???

  1. Waaamburger and French Cries??? Yup, I’ve eaten plenty of that before.

    Dont beat yourself up….today is a new day!! Positive attitude and smart choices…..YOU CAN DO IT!! 😉

  2. Great job getting the workout in! We all have those eat like sh*t days! At least you are thinking about how to change it 🙂 Feel good…baby steps..

  3. Eat like shint days meant it must be Friday afternoon, all day Satruday and Sunday. Weekends are tough.

    That is what I am trying to do – figure out why I want to numb myself all the time. My life ain’t that bad, you know?

    Hang in there.

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