Oh Friday, how I have yearned for you for four days and now you are here!! Even better than that, you are Friday AFTERNOON which means that at 3:30, I will be the happiest I have been all week. I love you Friday, you’re my favorite!!

Ugh, this has been a week!! A week from the depths of Hades. I’ve been sleep deprived, depressed, stressed, sad, and now finally FINALLY there is light at the end of the tunnel. I think I need to celebrate with a manicure.

I have decided that for now, at least, I will not quit the challenge. I dug my pedometer out of my underwear drawer – the place where I keep all things that I might need someday, along with many many baby teeth that the tooth fairy has collected over the last 11 years.

**TANGENT AHEAD** Why am I keeping these baby teeth? What do I think I will do with them? Make a necklace or something?? Why does it feel sacrilegious to throw them away? These are the questions that keep me up at night, okay well, not really, but I do wonder. **TANGENT OVER**

Anyway, back to the challenge…I’m going to track my steps and take more steps than I think I need and although I certainly don’t expect to catch up to the others, I am going to at least make an effort. I don’t like quitting anything because I already have *fear of failure* issues, and I don’t need to add to them.

Food-wise, Honeycomb cereal has been the death of my diet this week. Damn that sweet-honey goodness!!! If I don’t have a loss next weigh in, I’ll know why. If loving Honeycomb is wrong, I’m not so sure I want to be right.

What I do want, however, is listed below for no other reason than I am feeling the need to list it:

Strappy sandals
A Pedicure to show off feet in said sandals
A really comfy sundress
Really good chocolate (just one piece)
A gathering of my good friends
A margarita
A pool to sit beside at sunset while I sip said margarita
A new ride (the Honda is old, so very very old)
A cuddle with my husband
A really funny movie
New work out clothes
Lots of techno pop music on my mp3
Muscular legs
Really nice perfume
And last but not least, a really comfy downy bed on which I can take a really long nap during a sunny afternoon. Sigh
Have a good weekend friends!