Putting a face to a name

Hey all!!  This is me.  Not a great picture, but I am still trying to work on uploading pictures on my blog – just haven’t had time to do a real good one. 

Tons of work to do today, so this is going to be it for today!  Hopefully tomorrow I will have time for a longer post. 

5 thoughts on “Putting a face to a name

  1. YOU ARE SO BEAUTIFUL! I think it’s a fab self portrait. You’ve got super features, Jill. And great hair. I’d love to be able to have a style w/o bangs. Alas, my forehead is much too huge and it just makes for too much face. =)

    Hope you have a productive day. I hear ya on missing the endo’s. I think that’s why I end up in the food, because I get the same fix from running that I do from food, and when I don’t get in the running, well, you know what happens.

  2. Hi!
    You sure are pretty! Always nice to see what your blog buds look like! You sure don’t carry any extra weight in your face..I am sure that came out sounding weird..but it was a compliment! Have a great weekend! TGIF! (my pics are on my motivation page)

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