Okay Debby – you caught me. I have been purposely avoiding talking about TL’s challenge because frankly, I’m sucking at it. Am thinking of quitting because the suggested mileage per week is 42.Think about that for a moment…42miles PER WEEK. SEVEN DAYS to walk 42 miles.

That’s SIX miles per day. Every day. Every week. For many many weeks!! Wears me out just thinking about it.

I’m doing good to get in 10 miles a week (last week was 8). When I signed up for this, I knew I wouldn’t be able to do 2 hours of walking every day, but I thought, “this will be fun and it will get me motivated to work out every day, even though I’ll be a little behind everyone else.” Key word in that sentence is *little*. I’m not just a little behind, I’m waaaayyyyyy behind everyone now.

So maybe it would be better to bow out now, and just keep going at my own pace and do my own little challenge in my head. I don’t know.

I’m this close to dropping out.

In other news, there is this radio commercial running right now for a tanning salon. The woman doing the voice on the commercial sounds like a really bored, deep voiced Romanian woman and she’s talking about the freaking news. I think there may be some joke to this, but it’s over my head. Anyone have any idea what this may be about??? It’s completely annoying and I may never go to this particular salon just because of this commercial. Not that I go to tanning salons – my lily-white legs can attest to that, but if I were to go, I would not go to this particular branch of salons because I find their commercial to be a kin to fingernails on a chalkboard. I’m just sayin…

Weigh in yesterday was not bad, but not good either. I stayed the same this week. Still sitting at 179, but I’m really not surprised I didn’t have a loss. Too many *one bite of this*, and *just a taste or two of that* went on all week. So I’m going to try to be extra careful about tracking this week and getting all my water in. And oh yeah, more walking. I need to start taking some vitamins and supplements – what do you all take? I know I should be taking calcium, and a multivitamin, but what else do you all recommend?

Off to do more work – YAY WORK!!! 😉