An apple is a poor substitute.

Awhile back I posted on the WW message boards that half of one puffy coconut-marshmallow covered Snoball tastes just the same as a whole one. With the added bonus of fewer calories.Today someone brought chocolate sheet cake to work. The kind with the pecans in the chocolate frosting. The kind my grandma used to make for every birthday.

I had a very very small piece of it.

That was four hours ago and I have not stopped thinking about it all afternoon. I keep telling myself that it isn’t going to taste any better or worse than it did when I had my teeny tiny bite of it earlier, and it wont. This is the only thing that has kept me from scarfing the whole plate at once. I have incredible restraint, no?

In reality, I really really really REALLY want a very big giant humongous piece of that cake and I want to eat it like there’s no tomorrow! I want to keep eating cake until I am satisfied and bloated and miserable.

But I’m not going to do that. Because I have incredible restraint. And also because I have built that cake up in my mind so much that there’s no way it will taste as good as I dream it will taste. And besides, I’ve already had some, plus I have weigh in tomorrow and my desire for smaller numbers on the scale outweighs my desire for the chocolate heaven that beckons me from the break room.

I will not eat the cake. I will not eat the cake. I will not eat the cake.

And just in case you were wondering, no, an apple does not taste like chocolate cake, even if you want it to.

5 thoughts on “An apple is a poor substitute.

  1. If you are like me – even if you had the gigantic piece – the you would just want ANOTHER gigantic piece. . . and so it goes.

  2. Man, Jill, I completely relate. There is always stuff in the breakroom at work, and if I am stressed at all (geesh, I’m a nurse, I guess that happens once or twice a day) then I want to eat something sweet. But cake is the worst of all–especially ‘lard cake.’ You know, that cake with ‘butter cream frosting.’ But usually it isn’t buttercream, and I don’t care. I just want MORE of it. On my best days, I don’t enter the breakroom.

    Keep up the good work. Are you still walking? I haven’t seen you over on Tigerlily’s blog lately.

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