Friday Fun Day!

Hey everyone!!  Happy Friday!!

Check your salad carefully!!


The above picture came from one of my new favorite sites:

There’s some funny stuff on there!  

Here’s a few more favorites:

Go check out Karly’s post on weight loss/gain.  Very timely for those of us losing it in the control department (and by us, I mean me!).


Also, this guy is Highlarious!!  I think Laura mentioned him awhile back, and he’s totally worth another look – so funny!!


And h ere’s a couple of time wasters if you have nothing better to do..


Okay gang, gotta get going!  Have a great weekend!!  

3 thoughts on “Friday Fun Day!

  1. Okay, yuck, that frog is just gross! I wonder if that’s real or photoshopped?

    I have never read Karly’s blog, so I’m looking forward to reading it tonight. Have a great weekend, Jill!

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