Chester, you bad boy you!!

I have an apple every day at 2pm. This is my afternoon snack and usually keep the ravenous hunger monster at bay until I can get home and get settled and get a decent healthy *after school* snack.
Yesterday, I did not have my apple. I don’t know why, I just wasn’t particularly hungry so I thought I could skip the apple.


I was wrong.


By the time I picked up the kids from the babysitters, got home, went through the mail, kicked off my shoes, and got settled, I WAS RAVENOUS!!!!
I had already planned on eating some carrots and hummus (mmm…hummus), so I dove right in. Then I thought that the hummus really needed a chip to go with it. So I got about 3 chips and ate the hummus with chips and it was good. Yea, verily, it was good.


Then on my way back to the kitchen, I noticed my daughter had gotten the Cheetos out of the cabinet. My little one wanted some, so I got her a few…and that’s when the carnage began.


I’m still a little fuzzy about what happened, but I’m pretty sure it wasn’t pretty.


I ate so many damn Cheetos that I had a stomach ache after I finally FORCED myself to back away from the bag! A thick film of cheese powder covered my fingers and was probably on my face too, although I was too ashamed to face myself in the mirror.






For me, Cheetos are like the bad boy you just couldn’t stay away from in high school. I know they’re not good for me, but when that orange and blue bag looks my way and winks at me, I go weak in the knees. “Just one won’t hurt”, I tell myself. HA!! The next thing I know, I’m staring at the phone willing it to ring, but does it? No! And then I wonder what I did to make him not want to call me, and … oh wait…we were talking about Cheetos, right?


Anyway, Hello my name is Jill and I’m a Cheetoholic.
I think I need therapy to work on my issues.

4 thoughts on “Chester, you bad boy you!!

  1. I went through a LONG phase of this with Cheerios – maybe it has something to do with foods that start with the letter “C”. . .

  2. Well at least it makes for amusing blog fodder. You are too funny.

    Seriously, that stuff happens. It’s what you do after an episode like that which separates the winners from the losers. Are you waiting until Monday to start your diet again? NO. The next meal (which was probably a while away since you were pretty full of Cheeto-y goodness), you get right back on plan and don’t let it derail your great losses so far. Right? Right?!

  3. It’s the nacho cheese doritos that get me. Grumpette calls them orange chips, and she will eat a handful maybe once a week, but I can sit there and graze through the whole bag! Then try scrubbing my fingers (the other orange food sin) with ajax with bleach to get the orange off! “Who me? No I didn’t eat the whole bag of doritos.”

    Crazy Aunt Purl uses chopsticks to eat cheetos.

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