Better today

I was so down yesterday morning, but by the afternoon I was starting to feel a little better. Then after work yesterday I found out that we are getting a big fat refund on our taxes! So fat that my husband said I could take about $800 and go buy myself a bunch of new clothes!! I said “really? Are you serious???” to which he replied, “Yeah I’m serious! You deserve it!” Holy Shoe Shopping Batman!!! I already have a list made up and the day that money gets deposited, I shall go to the bank and withdraw my fun money IMMEDIATELY and hit the stores! I am one of those moms who always puts everyone else’s needs before my own, so if (and that’s a big IF usually) there is extra cash, it goes towards the kids or things for the house or whatever random bill happens to pop up. But I am already planning on being totally selfish with this money!! With this refund we are also going to be able to pay off some debts, like the hospital bill from when I had my third child THREE YEARS AGO!!! That will be such a relief to get that off our backs, so YAY REFUND!!!
There was something else great that happened yesterday, but now I can’t remember what it was…oh yeah – weigh in!! I lost 1.4 pounds bringing my total to 7 pounds lost. WooHoo!! Considering its TOM, and considering the amount of crap I ate on Saturday, that’s pretty amazing stuff. I think the loss comes from all the walking I’ve been doing every morning – hey, this exercise stuff really works! (Thanks TL!)
I have a stealth plan to get some strength training in during the work day. Usually they guys will pop in my office unexpectedly, so I’ve been a little gun shy about doing any kind of exercise in my office, for fear someone will walk in and see me on the floor huffing and puffing through a sit up. However, (here’s the stealth part) they take a break at 9:00 and again at 1:30, so for 15 or 20 minutes they are occupied with their coffee and talk of the big game or the big fish or the big truck or whatever big thing they happen to be discussing, so that is when I will squeeze in a few crunches and some push ups, maybe even a squat or two! Completely brilliant plan, right? I thought so!
Okay, gotta get to work! Have a great day everyone!!

5 thoughts on “Better today

  1. Awesome! You can get a lot of great stuff for $800. That is so great. AND a loss on the scale, too. Keep up the great work Jill. Your stealth plan sounds excellent.

  2. Yea! I am so happy when Jill’s happy! I had been neglecting my wardrobe for a long time and last spring spend about $800 on new clothes too. It was great! Be sure to buy only things that are special, not just okay and think about making outfits as you go. That is one thing that I learned after I bought new tops and bottoms. I needed things to pull them together to make outfits. Have fun you deserve it!

  3. Hey Jill–Congrats on both accounts. Now don’t you go back on your plan and spend that on other people–I know how you Moms are! Maybe buy yourself some really good walking shoes, and some cute walking shorts! Makes exercise a little more fun. Get some stuff that fits now, and maybe something one size smaller to look forward to. Oh boy, I am vicariously enjoying your money too much!! (P.S. I am debby on Tigerlily’s blog–being blog challenged I don’t know how this happened, and I don’t know how to fix it…)

  4. Congrats on the 1.4 pounds! The old me (pre WW) would save that money “until I could buy clothes that fit a smaller body,” but the new me says love yourself as you are and wear it well. Enjoy that shopping trip! Moms deserve it. And you know the old saying – if you look good, you feel good. Wasn’t that some guy on Saturday Night Live?

    Glad your day is better. I have those down days too and they always seem to be followed by a good day.

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