Note to self:The next time the hubs offers to go grocery shopping, JUST SAY NO!!! Because today I have nothing to eat.

Whenever the hubs does the grocery shopping, he shops like we are going camping. He buys things like 3 packs of hotdogs (we already had 2 packs in the fridge, and no they aren’t turkey dogs!), a 20 pound bag of potatoes (have 10 pound bag unopened under cabinet), SPAM (excuse me while I hurl), Manwich sloppy joe mix (yuck), and 20 cans of vegetables.

TWENTY CANS people!!!

Now, 20 cans of vegetables would be okay if they were different varieties. Apparently the store had a sale – 5 cans for $2.25. Good deal right? WRONG!!! He bought 5 cans of corn, 5 cans of creamed corn, 5 cans of green beans, and 5 cans of peas.

Can I just tell you how bored I am already with this assortment???

 I like frozen veggies myself, like the sugar snap pea blend, or the California blend, or the stir-fry blend. Do we have those now? NO!! Because apparently the hubs believes that peas, corn, and green beans are the only 3 vegetables on the planet. Oh, and the only fruit he bought was a small bunch of bananas that didn’t have a hint of green on them which means they are most likely already mushy, and I cannot tolerate mushy bananas!!!

Did I mention I’m a wee bit hormonal right now????
So now I have to go back to the grocery store and buy MY groceries. Yummy things like yogurt, and wheat bread, and fresh fruit and I am really jonesing for some guacamole now that I think about it. And I think that if I don’t get some kind of chocolate- covered -something very soon, there’s going to be trouble!

Do they make chocolate covered Midol?