The hubs + grocery shopping = bad

Note to self:The next time the hubs offers to go grocery shopping, JUST SAY NO!!! Because today I have nothing to eat.

Whenever the hubs does the grocery shopping, he shops like we are going camping. He buys things like 3 packs of hotdogs (we already had 2 packs in the fridge, and no they aren’t turkey dogs!), a 20 pound bag of potatoes (have 10 pound bag unopened under cabinet), SPAM (excuse me while I hurl), Manwich sloppy joe mix (yuck), and 20 cans of vegetables.

TWENTY CANS people!!!

Now, 20 cans of vegetables would be okay if they were different varieties. Apparently the store had a sale – 5 cans for $2.25. Good deal right? WRONG!!! He bought 5 cans of corn, 5 cans of creamed corn, 5 cans of green beans, and 5 cans of peas.

Can I just tell you how bored I am already with this assortment???

 I like frozen veggies myself, like the sugar snap pea blend, or the California blend, or the stir-fry blend. Do we have those now? NO!! Because apparently the hubs believes that peas, corn, and green beans are the only 3 vegetables on the planet. Oh, and the only fruit he bought was a small bunch of bananas that didn’t have a hint of green on them which means they are most likely already mushy, and I cannot tolerate mushy bananas!!!

Did I mention I’m a wee bit hormonal right now????
So now I have to go back to the grocery store and buy MY groceries. Yummy things like yogurt, and wheat bread, and fresh fruit and I am really jonesing for some guacamole now that I think about it. And I think that if I don’t get some kind of chocolate- covered -something very soon, there’s going to be trouble!

Do they make chocolate covered Midol?

4 thoughts on “The hubs + grocery shopping = bad

  1. Oh my you are too funny! “Chocolate covered midol”!

    If Fang and I grocery shopped together – D*I*V*O*R*C*E!

    It gets irritated because I don’t keep canned veggies except for sliced no-salt added new potatoes. Why have canned when frozen is so much better?! (Love the California blend too!)

  2. OMG chocolate covered midol, too funny. Your husband definitely needs a lesson in what to shop for at the store. Does he eat that stuff? I hate canned veggies. That’s all my mom ever bought and still buys. We also never had real butter growing up, only the giant tubs of margarine.

    Hope you have a good weekend with your family.

  3. I think the solution here is that when he wants to go grocery shopping with you, he gets his own cart, you know how in some stores they have little carts for the kids to push around in the store? He could have a grown up version of that. He can shop and put things in his cart, and even buy them and save the big bucks on the three packages of store brand hotdogs and 15 cans of creamed turnips packed in spinach juice. You shop with your own cart and get what is actually needed.

    Mine tagged along with me today. I asked him to run back to produce to get a potato to make hash browns for breakfast, but ended up having to go with him and explain what an Idaho potato was and the difference between it and a white potato. The man is 47 years old and is terrified of the produce section.

  4. So, funny! Last time I let my boyfriend shop, I ended up with 5 large bags of frozen peas & carrots, 6 cans of tuna, 3 large bags of chips and a case of Pepsi (not diet). That was the last time he was allowed to shop without supervision! 😆 . P.S. I could go for the choco Midol!

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