It’s Sunday afternoon and the house is quiet.  Hubs is away on a hunting trip, the two older kids are at grandma’s and the little one is asleep.  Ah, I love a clean quiet house!

This week has been a little rough on the food and exercise front.  Monday thru Wednesday I couldn’t seem to find the time and/or motivation to work out, but I did get in two walks on Thursday and Friday.  Then Friday evening as I was picking up my 2 year old to put her into the shopping cart at WalMart, she kicked and jerked my arms down and I pulled a muscle in my lower back.  As long as I keep moving around, I am okay but waking up in the morning, I feel like I am 80!  Despite the back pain, got in another 1.5 miles on the tread and I also did 1.5 miles today. I actually think the walking has helped my back – it’s the lying around that makes it so sore. 

I don’t know what it is, but all week long I have been so hungry!  And yesterday, well, let’s just say yesterday was a throwback to the days when I wasn’t watching my eating.  I ate everything and anything I wanted and it wasn’t pretty, because all I wanted was crap.  And then last night I felt so…ugh.  That’s the only word I can use to describe the feeling.  I’m back on track today though and I already feel much better. 

Okay, this next part might be TMI, but on Tigerlilly’s blog she mentioned something about going poo at least once a day.  Most people who commented said they go everyday at least once.  Um, I think there may be something wrong with me because I only go about every 3 days.  Is that bad????  Should I up my water and my fiber, or should I invest in a big box of laxatives?  I’m not constipated, I just don’t have to go.  Okay, this is a totally weird topic, so I’m changing the subject!!!

I need some new music for the mp3 player, any suggestions? What’s on your playlist? 

The toddler just woke up from her nap so I gotta run. Going to grandma’s house for steak and potatoes tonight – yum!!  Have a great week everyone!!