Weigh In Prediction

I don’t think I’ll have a loss at the scale today. You know how you can just *feel* your weight? I think I have been a little too loose with my points, you know, a bite here, a cookie there. It all adds up in the end (pun intended). One thing I love about WW is the fact each week starts fresh and new – clean slate!

I didn’t get my walk in yesterday because I was helping the hubs clean out the water garden in the flower bed. We worked for about an hour on it, but honestly, I didn’t really work that hard. I watched him do the hard work, while I was the cheerleader standing on the side lines (Good job Honey! It looks great!). So I am really kind of peeved at myself for not getting the walk done, but hopefully today I can walk before my weigh in tonight. I’m going to the 6pm meeting because baseball practice is at 5:30 and the hubs has a meeting with a client at that same time. So the plan is get home – walk for 45 minutes, drop the boy off at practice, go to WW, and then maybe come home and walk a little more. We’ll see. I have a feeling dinner is going to be of the grilled cheese variety tonight!

Maybe I need to break up my walks into 20 minute segments. If I do 3 segments a day, that will give me 3 miles a day. I’ll try that tonight and see how that works. Hmmm, that might be the solution to my walking woes.  

On a totally unrelated note, I have this weird crick in my neck. It doesn’t hurt, but it makes me want to cock my head to one side. Strange.

Okay, break time is over, gotta get back to work!

PS. Does the font look particularly small today? My computer is being weird today and showing teeny tiny font. Just wondering if anyone else sees it too.

5 thoughts on “Weigh In Prediction

  1. Unfortunately, I have to wear . . . ahem reading glasses to read everyone’s post, so don’t know if it is smaller or not.

    I had to face the scale for the first time this morning and it wasn’t nice but it needed to be done. So don’t sweat the weigh-in. I think you are doing great, especially with walking (and walking will take the weight off).

    Did you get any of the bad weather yesterday? I do not miss Oklahoma tornado season and isn’t it weird how the storms travel straight up the turnpike from OKC?

    I made the family grilled cheese sandwiches last night for supper (had to feed the kids before 4:45 and made extra two for Fang to eat at the ballgame.) We need to put our heads together and come up with some “healthy, lean protein” on the go dinners for us and the kids.

  2. That is a great idea Alicia – as much as I love a good baseball hot dog, I don’t think that would be very conducive to weight loss!! Something healthy and portable would be a lifesaver!

    We missed the bad stuff yesterday. I rained a little on us, but most of the really bad weather was northwest of us – thankfully. Springtime in OK is definitely not boring! Yeah, what’s up with the Tornado Turnpike anyway? Who was the genius who thought it would be a good idea to put a turnpike there?!

  3. We lived in a neighborhood behind Freddie’s Steakhouse in Sapulpa which runs parallel to the turnpike and if it was in OKC it was headed our way. I spent many a night (especially if the hubby was out of town) in the middle bathroom with both kids and our bike helmets on.

  4. Hey ladies, sorry to bust in on the conversation between 2 of my faves but HELLO! Maybe if you cock your head to the other side the font will look bigger? I don’t know why..but I had to say that. Maybe some laps around the ballpark? No worries..you’ll get the walking in. New Week for the W’s (ww)..Clean Slate!

  5. After pondering the washing veggies in Clorox question – I called Clorox. I called the number on the back of a Clorox bottle and then followed the options until I was connected with a “real” person. She said that it is indeed safe – but the information they recommend is different than what Arlene found in her book reference. They suggest one tablespoon*** per each one gallon of water. They suggest swishing/soaking for TWO minutes and then rinsing thoroughly. The two minute recommendation is for all fruit and veggies (including lettuce leaves) so that they are disinfected – but do not absorb. This makes sense to me.

    BE CAREFUL of your clothes!!! Especially from any splashes or water marks on cuffs!

    On the question of re hydrating a fruit or veggie – it makes sense to me that soaking in water alone would rehydrate. If anyone happens to have two of the same fruit or veggie that needs re hydrated – it would be interesting to do an experiment. My guess (hypothesis) would be that veggies will rehydrate in plain water the same as water/Clorox. Either way – I am wary of soaking things (in bleach water) longer than the recommended 2 minutes.

    ***I asked her to repeat that it was one TABLESPOON (and not one teaspoon) and she said that was correct – one TABLESPOON.

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