Weekly Weigh In

So I made it to my meeting last night, only a small portion of the road was covered with water and I just drove around it. There weren’t very many of us there, but enough for a proper class. This week’s weigh in… – 3.0 pounds!! Can you believe it? I was one happy camper! I did it by doing what I should always be doing: I tracked my points and stayed under my allowance, I drank gallons upon gallons of water, and I upped my exercise. I felt like I had lost a little but I wasn’t expecting a 3 pound loss. I was so proud of myself.

And then I went home and ate the kitchen.


Actually I know exactly why I had a nosh-fest after my weigh in and it involved several factors. Factor #1: my dinner was not satisfying. I had a Lean Cuisine Panini and while I love those for lunch with a salad, for some reason it just didn’t do it for me last night and so I supplemented it with 6 Grasshopper cookies, some string cheese, a WW 2points bar, and the leftovers from my 2 yo’s Kid Cuisine pizza.

Again, I ask WTH??

Which leads me to Factor #2: my TOM came this morning. Ah, so that’s it!! Today I have already popped a couple of Midol and as soon as I get this coffee in me, I’ll be fine. Gallons of water and a good stretch on the treadmill tonight should take care of my out of control behavior, so it’s all good.

My main goal is to lose an average of 3 pounds per month. I am a slow loser, so if I can hit my 10% goal in 6 months I’ll be happy. One of the things that has always derailed my weight loss before has been the unrealistic goal of losing 40 pounds in 4 months.

Some people can do it, not me. No way no how. Not gonna happen.

Since I have come to terms with my body’s stubbornness, I’m okay with a slow loss, and as long as it is a consistent loss I can hang in there. I really think not having a scale at home has helped me be less neurotic this time around. I do measure my waist and I have lost 1 ¼ inches, so I’m happy with that, but waiting for the Big Weigh In! each week is like having something to look forward to (or dread). I like what I’m doing right now, so I guess I’ll stick with it for awhile!

It finally stopped raining and the sun is supposed to be out, so I will be a shiny happy people today. Hope everyone else has a good day too! =)

4 thoughts on “Weekly Weigh In

  1. Yahooooo on the loss chica!! That is fantastic!!

    Booo on the bingeing.. LOL.. just kidding. It happens to the best of us. At least you faced it and you already have a plan to fix it.

    I am right along side you with the slow losing. My body just hates to lose weight. I think it likes the fact that I dont get cold during the winter! LOL. No worries.. we can do it!!

  2. I’m a slow loser too. And I find that the same exact thing happens to me with the eating of the whole kitchen after realizing that I’ve lost some weight. Right now I’m trying to relax my “rules” a bit by not limiting how much food I can eat in a day. Instead I’m trying to only eat when I’m hungry and to stop before I am over full. I find that for me the evening is the hardest time of the day to be in control of my eating. There’s something about that time when the sun goes down that makes me want to stuff my face beyond the point of being full. Once I can figure out how to overcome this bad habit I think I’ll be able to lose the last of that stubborn fat roll.

  3. Don’t worry bout what you ate..you have a whole week ahead of you to turn that around. Congrats of the HUGE loss!! Very impressive! You did all the right things and it paid off!! Way to go!

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