Okay, the exercise thing…here’s the thing: I have been fighting this voice lately that tells me that since I can’t get out of bed early enough in the morning to work out, I must not really be very committed to losing weight. This voice keeps telling me that I am a wuss for not sucking it up and making time to get on the treadmill. This voice…some days I want to tell the voice to shut it already! and ignore whatever it’s whispering to me, but then there are times when I think, is this voice just letting me know what I already know to be true? That is, if I am going to get this working out thing worked out, I need to do it first thing in the morning. I have great intentions of doing it after work ( I’m home by 4 pm everyday) and theoretically I have all evening to do it, but then life gets in the way, as well as kids and dinner and homework and American Idol, etc, and the work out never happens.

Then my BFF, whom I have known since I was 12, calls me and tells me she has been getting up at 4:45 am to go work out. SH*T!! For some reason, this makes me think that since she’s doing it, I should be too. I mean if she can get up at the butt-crack of dawn and drive to a gym, then surely I can get myself out of bed and WALK to the treadmill!! And she swears by it – she is walking taller and feeling like she has accomplished something before she even gets to work in the mornings. Byotch! Just kidding – I love her a lot!!

I am not, nor have I ever been, a morning person. Getting out of bed is emotionally painful for me in the mornings! I love to sleep and to have it interrupted just seems cruel, so to have to get up and then go workout? Double cruel. But I want to be committed to losing weight and I want to do whatever it takes to get the job done, and I want to be fit and healthy and strong and oh yeah, weigh a lot less too.

I figure I have two choices: I can get up in the mornings and work out and yes, it will be hard, but I can just do it and get it done, or I can fight off the things of life and just MAKE myself work out in the afternoons when I get home from work, which yes, will also be hard, but I’ll get to sleep in a little more in the mornings. So I guess it’s a trade off and neither option is going to be easy, but if I want to be committed to losing weight, I have to make a choice. NOT working out is not an option either, so don’t even go there!

Ugh, why can’t we all just be thin and independently wealthy and not have to worry about any of it??!!