Weekend Recap

Yesterday was a gorgeous day and I spent half of it at the baseball field watching my son’s team scrimmage an older team. They held their own and did all right, considering it’s still very early in the season. None of my mom friends were there though, so it was a little boring, but at least I got to sit in the sunshine! (Ah, sweet, sweet sunshine!)

Oh did I mention after the game, we all went for ice cream? A huge soft serve cone that has I don’t know how many points, but it was gooo-oood! I was really hungry so I scarfed it. And then when we got home, someone (okay it was me) opened the bag of Cheetos Puffs, and it all went downhill from there! I didn’t even eat dinner last night because 1) I was full stuffed with puffs and 2) I was out of points for the day, which was no big deal because of reason #1. I woke up pleasantly hungry and had my oatmeal with banana and it was yummy! Today will be an on-plan day even with going out to eat tonight. Not sure how the weigh in will be tomorrow but, if it shows any kind of loss at all, I’ll do a happy dance!

BTW, today is my birthday. I love my birthday. I love getting presents and celebrating and eating cake. I’m such a kid!!

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