Weekly Weigh In

Yesterday was weigh in day – my weekly Weight Watchers meeting. I did okay – I lost 2.2 pounds. Not bad, but not as good as I had hoped. I know for sure the only way I am going to have consistent, significant losses each week is to really start exercising. I had planned on walking last night, but I really was super busy all evening, so I hope tonight I can do a little walk/jog, and the weather is supposed to be somewhat decent today, maybe that will help motivate me.

One thought on “Weekly Weigh In

  1. 2.2 pounds is a great weight loss. That is the irritating thing to me about The Biggest Loser they are disappointed with losses smaller than 5 pounds/week and a 2 pound weight loss per week in the real world is considered the safe and smart way to go.

    Way to go and congratulations for staying on plan all week.

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