I don’t really have anything interesting or fabulous to post about today…usually I have some form of an essay rambling around in my head for days like today, but I got nothin.

Weigh in is this afternoon and I really don’t have any idea what it will be. I am still sans scale at home, so I really don’t know if I lost any poundage or not. I don’t feel like I have, but I have stayed on plan all week and I worked out (if you want to call it that) a couple of days, but really I don’t feel any lighter. I really wanted to come out of the gate strong with a 5# loss, but I don’t see that happening, right now I just hope the Official Scale of Weight Watchers shows any kind of loss. I’ll be totally embarrassed if I haven’t lost any thing!!

The working out thing, well, I think I have come up with a reason (read: excuse) why I haven’t been running lately – I don’t like the cold. I don’t like having to change clothes and go into a cold garage and run on a cold treadmill. When it is gray and cloudy and cold outside, I just want to snuggle under a blanket and hibernate. Is that so wrong? When Spring finally (FINALLY) gets here, I’ll be super gung-ho to work out and I will love it! But for now, I just can NOT seem to get myself motivated. My boss cut us loose before noon yesterday due to some impending winter weather, so I had aaalllll afternoon and aaaallllll evening when I could have gotten a run in, but what did I do? I put on Cinderella for my 2 yo and I took a nap. A long luxurious nap! And then I took another nap after dinner – yes indeedy it was a napping bonanza!! And then I went to bed at 10:00 and slept like a baby. It was glorious.

So I’m going to be stubborn and stamp my foot and say that I’m not going to worry about it until the next nice day comes along, which thankfully should be this weekend. It is sunny today but cold as hell (that doesn’t really make sense does it?) so today doesn’t count as a nice day.

I’m feeling a bit snarky and whiny today, can you tell? I think it has to do with the weather – okay I’ll shut up about the weather already!!! Anyway, I hope you all stay warm and somebody please do an extra work out for me please! Kthxbye