Valentine’s Day is upon us and Fat Bridesmaid’s post got me thinking about all the boyfriend-less V-days I experienced back in the day. I always had single friends and most of the time my college roommate and I were both single around Valentine’s Day. One year, we called our Dads and asked them to send us flowers just so we could say a male person sent us a Valentine! It worked and we both got beautiful bouquets of flowers that year.

There was also the time during college in my first class of the morning that a guy whom I hardly knew suddenly presented me with a cute Valentine card and asked me out to lunch. When we got to the restaurant later he gave me a dozen B-E-A-utiful roses. I was overwhelmed because, frankly I hardly knew the guy and I thought he hated me because he was a surly kind of fellow. He told me he thought I was pretty and really wanted to get to know me, blah blah blah. Long story short, I found out a couple of days later his girlfriend had broken up with him the day before V-day and so he had this card and these flowers that he bought for HER and didn’t know what else to do with them so he gave them to the first girl he saw – me. Needless to say, we didn’t see each other after I found that out, because although I love getting flowers, I think I deserve better than second-hand roses!!
Let’s move forward a few years to Valentine’s Day 1996. I had just graduated from college, had no real job, was living with my parents again (ugh), all my friends had moved away, and no boyfriend prospects anywhere!! I was depressed!! I was in a wasteland of unending boredom and gloom. Flash forward twelve months later – I had a full time kick ass job, a new (to me) house, a husband, and a two week old son!! Talk about a rock-your-world-upside-down turn of events!! I got flowers that Valentine’s Day from the two guys I love most in the world – my husband and my baby boy. How did it happen that way, you ask?? I met my future husband on Feb 29, 1996. We got engaged that May, found out I was pregnant in June, got married in July, had baby M on Feb 6, 1997. Whew!!
So I have run the gamut from suckiest V-day ever to happiest V-day ever!! Care to share your Valentine’s sagas??? I’d love to hear them!