I am going to join the new millennia and buy an mp3 player. I know I know, I’m probably the only person you know who doesn’t have an mp3 player yet, but most of my money goes towards bills and my kids but since I am hell-bent on doing more fun things for myself, I have decided my old boom box on the garage shelf just isn’t cutting it anymore and so I am going to buy myself some new running motivation.

I will primarily be using it for running so I don’t need a lot of bells and whistles. I was thinking of getting an ipod shuffle, but then I wondered if I might need a screen so I could make playlists and pick and choose according to my current musical mood. Then, I thought that if I am only going to be using it for running, I don’t really need different playlists – just turn the thing on and go.

I really only want to spend about $100 dollars, so I’m sure that will have an impact on my choices as well.

I was thinking of getting this: the Creative Zen V Plus

Or this: iPod Shuffle (but I really want it in pink)


Opinions and advice are welcome and greatly appreciated!!