Help me decide please!

I am going to join the new millennia and buy an mp3 player. I know I know, I’m probably the only person you know who doesn’t have an mp3 player yet, but most of my money goes towards bills and my kids but since I am hell-bent on doing more fun things for myself, I have decided my old boom box on the garage shelf just isn’t cutting it anymore and so I am going to buy myself some new running motivation.

I will primarily be using it for running so I don’t need a lot of bells and whistles. I was thinking of getting an ipod shuffle, but then I wondered if I might need a screen so I could make playlists and pick and choose according to my current musical mood. Then, I thought that if I am only going to be using it for running, I don’t really need different playlists – just turn the thing on and go.

I really only want to spend about $100 dollars, so I’m sure that will have an impact on my choices as well.

I was thinking of getting this: the Creative Zen V Plus

Or this: iPod Shuffle (but I really want it in pink)


Opinions and advice are welcome and greatly appreciated!!

3 thoughts on “Help me decide please!

  1. Get the Shuffle, they are so small! No extra straps, holders or protectors needed. Put only great energetic music on it but if a song comes on that you are not in the mood for, just forward to the next one. The random play creates suspense. Besides, pink is a huge fun factor! When you want something different it will be easy to pass down to your kids.

  2. I love my shuffle. I had a bigger fancier iPod (a second-generation that had 15 gigs and could hold something like 1500 songs) and it was just so cumbersome. I always ended up making a workout playlist anyway, and that is perfect for the shuffle.

    You have to have iTunes on your computer anyway to load the shuffle, and it takes about five seconds to build and load your list. Whatever you’re in the mood for that day. And like Jeanette wrote, if you come to a song while you’re running and are not in the mood, you can just forward to another song.

    I love my shuffle for the gym, because it’s about the size of a large postage stamp and you can just clip it to your shirt or tank strap.

    Mine’s orange. Bought The Husband a purple one for a Christmas stocking stuffer.

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