I am the youngest of 3 girls. My two older sisters are 9 and 10 years older than I am, so essentially I had 3 mothers while I was growing up. Someone was always telling me what to do or how to do something, or doing things for me because it was easier than teaching me how to do them. I grew up thinking that things would just sort of take care of themselves, or work themselves out because they always did (at least in my little world- it never occurred to me that someone else was taking care of things). If my car broke down, my dad fixed it. If there were appointments to be made, my mom made the arrangements. If I needed a dress for the dance, my sister provided one. Do you see a pattern here?? I think this is one reason losing weight has been so hard for me – I don’t know how to fight my own battles. I keep thinking that it will just work itself out, but 11 years later, it hasn’t. I hoped WW would fix it for me, but I didn’t realize that I had to actually MAKE AN EFFORT. The same with everything else I have tried. I do okay at first, but when the going gets tough, or when I lose my motivation, I have nothing to draw on to get me going again. And when things do go wrong, my reaction is one of “this can’t be happening to me.” So once again I find myself in a slump – not wanting to run, wanting to eat myself into oblivion, etc etc etc. I have to learn how to fight.
I did some playing around on the internet with various calorie counters and calorie burn counters and have figured out that if I want to lose one pound per week, I need to eat less than 1500 calories and burn 200 calories every day.
There it is. That’s the battle plan.

My first thought when I got these figures was, “well Jill, now you know how to do it. So how are you going to do it???”

I have to fight my own battle. Crap. The princess can no longer wait for her knight in armor to do all the heavy lifting.

I’m not one to make posters or write motivating notes to myself and stick them all over the house. The eye rolls I would get from my family would be overwhelming. But I need something to help push me through the doldrums, something to push me through the “I don’t wanna’s”, push through the “I’m too tired”, push through the “I don’t have time”excuse. A motto maybe? A mantra?


Okay, there, that’s it. PUSH THROUGH IT. That will be my new go-to phrase. A sort of battle cry, if you will.
But what else can I add to my arsenal? What do you all do when you need a push?