I was such a slug over the weekend – I spent the last two days holding my couch down for fear it would get up and run away. I ate too much pizza and too many chocolate covered raisins. I spent all of Saturday afternoon watching Dr. Doolittle AND Dr. Doolittle 3 (I have no idea what happened to #2) and Sunday afternoon was a blur of naps and football games on TV. I played Lite Brite with my 2 year old and I let my 7 year old read many, many books to me. My 10 year old stayed cocooned in his room with his Nintendo DS. The hubs was parked in the recliner, and I think he moved less than I did.  I did not run once, I barely even walked (it was more of a shuffle really). Laying around watching TV + as little exercise as possible = AWESOME WEEKEND! Oh yeah baby that’s what I said – awesome! During the week we go 100 miles an hour so this weekend I said “screw it. I don’t feel like doing anything, so I’m not gonna!” And that’s exactly what I did (or didn’t do).
Once in a while I could hear those voices in my head telling me “omigosh, you’ve just spent hours and hours doing nothing – you really should go run” or “you’re going to be sorry Monday morning when you have to scale Mt. Laundry just to find something to wear” or “you’re going to be big as a boat if you don’t lay off the snacks”, but I would just drown them out by taking a nap. A year ago, I would have beat myself to a pulp for being so lazy and not doing something conducive to weight loss, but this year, I don’t care. I need my lazy weekends!! I love lazy weekends and I now I feel recharged and ready to go.
I am learning to feel less guilty about listening to myself and honoring my needs. I always felt that good wife/mother = busy wife/mother. Had I been running around doing laundry and cleaning house, I wouldn’t have had time to listen to my son tell me how many pokemon he has captured in his game, and I wouldn’t have been able to play beauty shop with my 2 year old, or had Crispin and the Three Little Piglets read to me 5 times. I read two magazines and watched old movies – something that really makes me feel nurtured!! I am worth the time it takes to do nothing all weekend long, and it has taken me a long time to really embrace that idea. I hope I have a lot more lazy weekends in my future!

  One thought on “Sluggish

  1. lme
    January 14, 2008 at 3:53 pm

    The Husband likes to just go go go nonstop on the weekends. He feels like he’s missing out, not really having a weekend.

    I on the otherhand must have at least one day where I do not have to do anything, including leave the apartment. I need time to watch stupid t.v. (Real Housewives of Orange County, anyone?), read, sleep, paint, stare off into space.

    We’ve finally worked out a compromise. On my lazy day, he goes and does all the things he knows I wouldn’t want to do, like see the latest action movie or visit some civil war battlefield or museum.

    I stopped trying to make myself exercise on the weekends a long time ago. Just ain’t gonna happen.

  2. January 15, 2008 at 3:44 am

    I am in desperate need of a lazy weekend. Hopefully I can get one soon or even just a day where Grumpette and I don’t do anything.

    You deserved the mental and physcial rest.

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