I’m back!!  Hope everyone had a good holiday – I know I did!! 


Here is my required-by-society list of resolutions:


My New Year’s Resolutions


This year I resolve to:


  • Finish the Couch to 5k running plan (I have repeated week 2 about 4 times already!)
  • Run an actual honest to goodness 5k (I’m thinking the Tulsa Zoo Run maybe)
  • Keep a supply of at least 2 Bath & Body Works lotions in stock (I love that stuff)
  • Paint my toenails a crazy color like lavender, and give myself regular pedicures
  • Read at least one book that isn’t in the category of *diet* or *smut*
  • Get my thyroid checked
  • Redecorate my bedroom
  • Get one of my many bills paid off
  • Spend at least $50 a month on ME


Did you notice the lack of weight-loss resolution?   I did that on purpose.  Instead of focusing solely on losing weight I am going to do those things in which weight loss might be a pleasant side effect.  I think it will make me a happier and saner person in the long run. 


Any one else care to share your non-diet resolutions? 

 Here’s to a year full of promise and hope and achievement!!