I Got the Powah!!!

Do you have that song stuck in your head now??  

  Yes, the Great Dark Cold Depression of 2007 is over (for now).  Driving home from work yesterday, I noticed that the Fiesta Mart on the highway had electricity.  Then I noticed a porch light on a house was on.  Then I saw another house with lights, then another and another.  Could it be?  I thought that even if my house didn’t have power yet, at least they were close.  Another day or two perhaps and then we would be back on. 

 As I got closer and closer to my street, more and more lights could be seen.  Then I turned down my road and…

 Lo and Behold! There were lights!!!!  Lots of lights!!!!   From my driveway, I could see my Christmas tree lights in the window (we forgot to unplug them before the power went out)! 

Insert Angel chorus here  HALLELUJAH!!! 

I walked skipped into the house and the burst of warm air hit my face and I nearly fell over from pure joy!  I ran around the house flipping every light switch I could find (and them promptly flipped them back off), I turned on the TV, the radio and the computer just to make sure everything was really on.   Then I sunk down into my couch and just enjoyed the privilege of having electricity coursing through my home.  Aaahhhhh.   Thank You God for modern technology!  

 So now I am happy and warm and showered and all is well – until tonight when the snow storm hits.  Hopefully, it won’t knock out the power again. 

 Please God Please don’t let it knock out the power again!!


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