Hey Ice Storm, BITE ME!!!

Well, I’m back online only because my place of employment finally has power again after 4 days without.  My home however, is not so lucky.  I looked at my alarm clock about 6:30 Sunday morning and thought I would just get another hour or so of sleep before I got up to get ready for church.  When I woke up again, there was no time on my clock, no heat from my heater, no light from the light switch.  NO POWER ANYWHERE.  And it has been that way ever since.  *sigh* The uber-ice storm descended upon us in the early morning hours of the 9th and it continued to drop freezing rain on us for two more days.  Yesterday it finally dried out a little, but now we get to look forward to a snow storm this weekend! Yippee.  

  I was doing fine at first.  Day 1 was kinda fun, like camping out in your own living room.  Day 2 was still not bad.  By Day 3, I broke.  We finally went to my in-laws house and showered and watched TV and just hung out.  The first thing I noticed when we got there was the big plastic container full of fudge. Or as I saw it – HEAVEN IN A CHUNK OF CHOCOLATEY GOODNESS.   I don’t mind telling you, I needed that fudge.  I needed that fudge like a drowning man needs a life preserver – and that’s what it was for me.  I NEEDED some comfort and it came in the form of fudge, lovely warm fudge.  

   When we realized the schools would most likely be closed all week, we sent the kiddos to my parents’ house where they have power so at least they are warm and safe, and I don’t have to worry so much about them.  It is a terrible thing to have to worry that your kids aren’t warm enough.  My poor mom is probably worn out by now, but hopefully it won’t last much longer (I hope!)  

 We are now on day 5 and right now I would KILL for a Danish!!   I have probably gained 10 pounds this week between all the sitting around and munching on anything within reach, but I really don’t care right now.  I did have a dream that I ran 2 miles, so that counts right?  Speaking of running, that has been put on hold for now too until we get power again.  I will probably have to start completely over with Week 1, but that’s okay.   

I do need to mention one thing – thank God I am married to Daniel Boone!  A man who knows his way around a generator and a camp stove is worth his weight in gold during times like this.  He has tried very hard to make this as painless as possible for us by hooking up the generator to the satellite and TV, and space heater, so at least we could watch TV while we huddled around the tiny little box of warmth.  In the mornings while I am getting ready for work, he makes coffee and hooks up a light so I can see to put on my makeup or whatever I need.  He starts my car for me and just generally tries to do whatever he can to help me.  I am thanking God constantly for my husband, because without him right now I would be very cold, very lonely, and sitting in the dark somewhere!  

  We have heard that it may be another 10 days before we get power restored, so this may only be the beginning.  This news makes me want to cry!! Seriously, I am on the brink of tears right now and if someone even looks at me funny, I may break.  I’m tired, I’m weary, and I just want things back to normal.  I will keep plugging along though, and when the power does come back on, I will get down on my knees and say a prayer of thanks to God and Ben Franklin.  As God is my witness, may I never take electricity for granted again!!

  One thought on “Hey Ice Storm, BITE ME!!!

  1. December 13, 2007 at 5:50 pm

    Oh my gosh! I had no idea where you lived so didn’t realize that’s why you’ve been MIA out here in blog land. You poor thing. Our furnace died last winter, on a weekend, and rather than pay triple for installation on a Sunday, we went to a hotel for a couple of nights. But that was just 2 days without heat, and we had electricity of course.

    You are indeed lucky to have a husband like that. Mine is exactly the opposite. Not sure what we’d do in your predicament. Probably have to move in with my BIL down south, and with his wife that would be a whole other kind of hell. heh.

    You are totally exempt from eating right and running right now. When in survival mode, it’s all about surviving. Whatever it takes, that’s what you do now. There is NO GUILT, none whatsoever. Don’t even go there, girl. You have taken care of your kids, and you and DH are taking care of each other. And if you have to take care of yourself with a pound of fudge a day, then by golly that’s what you do. Do NOT expect anymore from yourself–you are in crisis and crisis mode responses are what’s called for.

    I’ll be thinking of you and praying for power soon. Hang in there girl!

  2. knitandrunjournal
    December 13, 2007 at 7:03 pm

    I’m with you! We still don’t have power. We have hot water and run the furnace twice a day with the help a borrowed generator. I have been running at the gym. All my running routes are covered in down trees. Although I am trying to maintain some level of activity, my healthy eating habits are out the window. Mostly it is because I eat out for lunch and then eat cheese (yikes!) and crackers for supper. Good luck! Hope the OG&E guys visit your street soon!

    (My ice storm story and pictures are on my blog.)

  3. December 13, 2007 at 7:54 pm

    I heard on the news (haven’t watched my regular morning news all week with my son home) about my beloved Oklahoma this past Tuesday night. I am so sorry, I have been watching the local Tulsa news stations on the internet and am in shock. We lived in Sapulpa and had a bunch of trees on a large lot and hubby and I were talking last night wondering how the new owners of our old house weathered.

    Stay warm and don’t think twice about the fudge/life preserver.

    Hope you didn’t have any damage to your house from tree branches.

    Oh, and my hubby wants to buy a generator so bad (in case of hurricane) but I won’t have it – he would end up accidentally killing us! Hug that Daniel Boone tonight!

    P.S. Thanks for the birthday wishes!


  4. December 14, 2007 at 1:34 am

    I hope all is better!!!!

  5. debby
    January 27, 2009 at 1:25 pm

    OMG Jill, I just read this old post, and you are so funny. Even freezing cold you are funny.

    “so at least we could watch TV while we huddled around the tiny little box of warmth”–my favorite phrase.

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