Buh bye, ledge

Thanks to Grumpy and Tigerlilly for talking me down yesterday – I appreciate it!  I am feeling better today, food is a little more in line today and tonight I will do Wk2D2 run/walk.  That should make me feel good too.  Over the weekend I got just a small tiny little glint of what I think must be that elusive “runner’s high” I’ve heard about.  I was doing my 90 second run session (don’t laugh, I gotta start somewhere right?) and I was so caught up in how awesome it felt to be running that I forgot to think about how my calves were scrunching up and hurting.  For one split second, my treadmill and I were one, running to the backdrop of Staying Alive and completely enjoying one another.  It was a special time, and it’s the one thing that will get me back on the TM today after work.  (BTW, can I just tell you how this work thing is really getting in the way of my blog reading???)  I am looking forward to running again today and getting a little ME time in before the tater tots start in on their crazy demands for attention and food (those pesky little anklebiters!). I realize now that I am going to have cut back on the goodies and treats a little (okay a lot) if I’m going to get to a size that is comfortable for me, and I am amping up the exercise too, because I actually like the feeling I get when I am finished, and would like to experience that feeling more often. I was thinking of asking Mr. Potato to get me some running shoes for Christmas, but I think I’ll just go and get them for myself instead. After all that’s a whole month of running in old crappy shoes if I wait for him, and chances are he won’t know what to get, so yes, I think it’s definitely  best if I go and treat myself to some rocking running shoes from a real shoe store and not Wal-Mart!  Yee-Haw and Merry Christmas to me! 

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