Queen of the Lumberjacks

Yes, the bunk beds are put together and they are huge!! But first a little housekeeping:  I am changing the name of my blog (again).  Foray into Fitness is what I intend to do, but the title is just so…boring.  It really doesn’t have any pizzazz (and I likes me some pizzazz!).  I was thinking about how I really have been a couch potato my whole life and how just getting up and moving around has made me feel better, hence the new name of my blog.  And that’s the reason for the change – super exciting, no?  

And now for something completely different:  Old beds are taken down and new beds are up and running!! The Tater Tots are so excited.  Being around all this wood has made me feel closer to nature and my inner carpenter.  I aspire to be one of those women who can build anything and who knows what a 3/8 socket means (I have no idea).  But I guess that’s what I have the Big Spud for – he can do all the heavy lifting and tightening of bolts for me!  The next phase of Operation Chaotic Bedroom is to rearrange the other furniture in the rooms to make room for the new beds (my stealth mission is to get rid of some old broken toys along the way too).  Hopefully it will all be finished by tomorrow. 

  I haven’t kept up with my original walking schedule because of all the bed moving and such but I have discovered something amazing that I will share with you now (lean in close and listen real hard) – Lots of water + lots of moving around = major calorie burnage!!!  Eureka!!  Who knew?  Well, okay probably everyone knows, but I was really surprised to see a 2 pound loss on the scale this morning because I haven’t been on the dreadmill at all in 4 days.  I’ve just been staying busy in the evenings when I get home instead of lounging on the couch for 6 hours at night watching TV.  Could this be the secret to my eventual success?  I sit at a desk all day and so movement from 7am to 4pm is minimal (as well as movement after 4pm) and the bulk of my calories are eaten after 4pm so it’s no wonder I have a hard time losing weight.  Duh!  Now if I can just come up with enough projects to keep me busy until I lose these 30 extra pounds…  

Well, busy day ahead – better get going.  Have a great weekend y’all!!  

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