Go Me!

Completed my first week of treadmill training and have moved on to week #2. WOOHOO!!   I didn’t get on the TM on Sunday because I figured the vigorous house cleaning I did that day would count as triple-time on the treadmill.  I mean, I was actually sweating – bathtubs don’t scrub themselves you know, especially after they have been occupied by 10 year old boys.  I cleaned my house within an inch of its life I think.  But now it feels so good to come home to a clean house.  Clean house = peaceful Jill.  And everyone loves a happy mom! 


I received my Just My Size yoga DVD and I actually like it.  It is very easy – great for beginners and klutzes like me.  I have only done it once, but I was sore the next day so I know I worked some muscles.  Finding a quiet moment to do it is the challenging part.  My 2 year old kept crawling under my downward facing dog and trying to crawl over my child’s pose.  It was an interesting work out I tell you, but enjoyable.  I‘d like to do it again, but like I said, finding a quiet time around my house is next to impossible!  Also just received When Women Stop Hating Their Bodies.  I’m only on page 10, so I don’t really have anything to say about it yet.  I’ll let ya know…


I didn’t think I was going to get around to the TM last night, but after dinner and after getting the kids ready for bed, I was feeling really pissy for some odd reason (I really don’t know why, just not in a good mood) and I thought that getting on the treadmill and away from the family for a few minutes sounded really really good.  So I put on the New Balances and headed for the garage.  Turned on the classic rock station and started walking.  It felt so good that when my 20 minutes were up, I considered staying on, but I needed to get the girls to bed and the boy to get ready for bed, so I reluctantly got off, but I felt triumphant that I did my 20 minutes. 

  Eating has been okay, a bit on the bingey side, but not out of control.  Tonight we go pick new mattress set – I’m so excited! Sleeping in a canyon is not fun. 

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