Tug of War

I did my 15 minutes last night, but boy, I had to fight for them.  A minute and half into my walk, Offspring #3 needed a diaper change (sorry, it’s gross I know) – and it couldn’t be put off until later.  Six minutes into walk, #2 needed to tell me something, so I jump off (not literally) the tread and listen intently to her tell me that she forget what she was going to tell me. Sigh.  Nine minutes in, #1 tells me the phone is ringing, I say that’s why God gave us answering machines.  By this time I had a choice, I could say “fugeddaboudit” and just chuck the whole work out, or I could keep going and finish come hell or high water.  I chose the latter out of sheer spite and I finished.  I felt like a runner breaking through the finish line!!  Woo-hoo!  On another note, I ate a lot of candy last night.  And that’s all I have to say about that.  Happy Friday!


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