Change is Good

The intent of this blog was originally to talk about intuitive eating and such, but I find that talking about food just makes me crazy, and I have been thinking a lot about exercise and how I really need to do some.  So I have decided to change the focus of this blog from food to fitness, hence the changed title of the blog. This is the place where I will hold myself accountable and express my thoughts and frustrations about getting fit.  So here goes…  

Day 1 – Sunday 10/28/07          I decide that I need to start slow so as not to burn out and quit my new endeavor entirely, so I got my work out clothes on and went out to the dreadmill, I mean treadmill, and I looked at it, then I turned around and went back into the living room.  A victory? You betcha!  The fact that I took the time just to put on my work out gear was a huge success for me.   

Day 2 – Monday 10/29/07          After work, I came home, puttered around the house, put on my work out clothes and went out to the treadmill in the garage.  This time I actually GOT ON!  Woo-hoo!  And yes, I walked a few minutes.  Fifteen to be exact.  Fifteen slow minutes at 2.5 miles per hour. BABY STEPS! That’s my mantra these days, because slow and steady wins the race, right? RIGHT?  That’s what I’m hoping anyway.    

Day 3 – Tuesday 10/30/07         

Here’s what I want to accomplish over the next few weeks:         

10/28-11/3 – walk 15 minutes per day          

11/4-11/10 – walk 20 minutes per day          

11/11-11/17 – start Couch2 5k plan, walk on opposite days of plan          

11/18-11/24 – continue C25k           

After this, I’ll see how things are going and then make whatever adjustments I think I need.  

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