Big Bouncy Swingy

 No I’m not talking about my derriere; I’m talking about my hair!!  I am sick of straight hair – I want some curls!  So I put away my flat iron and bought a new CURLING iron and went to work.  I have big beautiful curly hair today!!  I love curls, I think they are feminine and romantic and just plain ole pretty.

 I can’t help it; I am a product of the ‘80’s where big hair was at its finest.  Remember when Pretty Woman came out and everyone wanted Julia Roberts’ wild mane?  Well, I had it.  Yes, I was the envy of every girl on campus my first year of college in 1990.  I loooooved my hair!  But then somewhere along the way, someone thought that flat as a pancake (and just as boring) hair was better.  Pshaw I said!  However in the last few years as I have succumbed to mommy martyrdom, I saw great value in being able to just straighten my unruly locks and be ready to go in 5 minutes.

Well, no more! In my quest for better self care, I have decided that curls are something that makes me happy. It’s a small inconsequential thing, but every little bit helps, no?

So I am wearing great big curls of happiness on my head today and lovin every minute of it. 


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