It Is What It Is

I’ve been trying to drown myself in good body-positive thoughts the last couple of days, and I find that I am happier for it.  I am slowly coming to terms with this body that I am living in right now.  Maybe it isn’t the disgusting, huge mountain of flesh I usually consider it to be.  Maybe it’s actually the beautiful vessel that carries around a hilarious, smart, sassy woman that has lots of friends and a great family.  There have been a few events and concepts that I have come across recently that have helped me move forward with my body acceptance: 

  • I was meeting with a couple of my girlfriends one day a few months ago and I was saying something unkind about how fat I have become, and Rachel said to me, “you are not overweight!”. And she meant it – really she is not one to tell you something just to pacify your need for a compliment, she really really does not see me as overweight! Now, I know that I am about 30 pounds overweight, but according to Rachel, I am just fine the way I am.  God love her!
  • A few days ago, I was on the treadmill, and I was working it – sweaty slicked back hair, sweaty shirt, sweat everywhere you can imagine.  My husband walked by me while I was really into it, and I swear, he looked at me like I was the sexiest thing on earth! I couldn’t believe it.  Could it be possible that he finds me attractive even without all the makeup and perfect hair and thinner body?    
  • This is related to the previous one, but if I was really as disgusting as I thought, would my husband still be after me 5 nights a week wanting to make some whoopee??? 
  • This has been really helpful too in accepting that what we see in movies and magazines is not reality, but also that normal, everyday women are as beautiful as they want to be. 

Whenever I look in the mirror and am tempted to bash my body for not being perfect, I have adopted this mantra: “It is what it is. This is my body today and there is nothing I do about the way it looks right now.”  So I had better just get over it and move on.  There are more important things to think about than the size of my thighs or the dimples in my behind.  So for today, I am choosing to ignore those nasty hateful thoughts that want to keep me down, and I am embracing those thoughts that tell me I am beautiful, just the way I am today. 


One thought on “It Is What It Is

  1. Your story can be my own. I have spent years beating myself up with just the kind of internal dialogue you described here. It has taken me a loooooong time to recognize that just because I have a thought (“I need to lose weight” or “I’m fat”) I don’t have to believe it. My favorite mantra for banishing bad body thoughts is, “I deeply and completely love and accept my body.” Sometimes you have to fake it until you make it, but the feelings do eventually come.

    You are an inspiration to all women, and to me.

    Karly Pitman

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