Dinner talk

Well my weigh in on Saturday wasn’t as bad as I thought it would be: I gained one pound instead of two, so that’s good I guess?  For those of you playing along at home,  I weigh 192.2 again which means I have a total loss of 4.8 pounds since I started on February 2nd. This week has been better – after weigh in on Saturday I went to the grocery store and bought a boat-load of groceries (mostly produce), then came home and cooked some chicken, roasted some veggies, and made a mental plan for the week. I’ve had a few lapses here and there, but I’m doing okay.

I had a revelation this week too: there are five very different personalities living in my house and I will never be able to please each of them at the same time, especially when it comes to dinner time.  I have been so discouraged when it comes to cooking dinner because it seems like someone is always complaining, so I’ve resorted to cooking the same safe meals over and over again just to keep the peace, but you know what? I don’t care anymore. I need some variety and some newness in the kitchen, so I’ve decided I’m going to cook what sounds interesting to me and if someone doesn’t like it, they can lump it. The five of us have different tastes: My husband and son LOVE spicy foods, my oldest daughter and I DON’T, and my youngest daughter just doesn’t like dinner. I could say “we’re having gummi bears and hot fudge sundaes for dinner!” and she’d say “I don’t like gummi bears and hot fudge sundaes” which is a total lie, because I know she likes those things. She just likes to be difficult, so I don’t even take her into consideration when I’m planning dinner because I know she’ll hate whatever I’m cooking just because it falls in the “dinner” category. ANYWAY, I’ve tried a couple of different recipes this week, and whaddyaknow? They were a success! One dinner was a Sloppy Joe Bake which uses crescent rolls as a “bun” and the other was Spicy Sausage Pasta – I didn’t much care for the Sloppy Joe Bake, but my kids loved it and my husband and son really liked the Spicy Sausage Pasta (because it was spicy, duh). I also made some healthy cookies which consisted of mashed bananas, oats, pecans, and a few chocolate chips. I really liked those cookies – they were good for when I needed a hit of sweetness, but they weren’t triggering at all. Oh, and please do me a favor and don’t lecture me on the use of crescent rolls and processed foods at this point. Okay, I get it, I do, but when I find a new recipe, I like to make it the way it is written the first time just so I know how it tastes, then go back and tweak it to make it healthier the next time. I’m just not at the point where I can tell my family “hey guess what? No more processed stuff for us!” I would really like to get to that point, but I’m not there yet. So give me some grace on this, okay? Thanks, you’re the best!

Okay kids, it’s my lunch time so I gotta go heat up my chicken and veggies before the hoards come in and take over the microwaves in the break room. I always like to get to the break room before anyone else because I’m competitive like that. :)



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Friday stuffs

Hey guys!!

Man, I am struggling this week. Actually the last 2 weeks have been difficult on the food-front and I’m ready for something to give. I find that I can handle my food so much better when I use 4 or 5 extra points a day as opposed to using all of them in one fell swoop. Unlike other bloggers (whom I love and admire), I cannot get right back on track after a day of an eating-free-for-all. When I spend all my extra weekly points in one day or when I have a cheat day, I can’t just pick up and become a healthy eater again the next day. I’ve tried and I just can’t do it. It takes me 3, 4, or even 5 days before residual effects of white carb overload subside and I can get back in the saddle.  I’ve fought hard this week, and I’ve made several good choices and decisions, but it’s far from where I need to be if I’m going to lose weight and keep it off. I’ll go to weigh in tomorrow, and I won’t be surprised by the (at least) 2 pound gain I’ll see on the scale.

In other news, I’ve decided to stop taking my birth control pill. I started taking this pill back in December in order to help balance my raging/insane hormones. I think it has helped a little, however since I’ve been on this pill I’ve gained 10 pounds and my libido has fallen like a brick off a cliff.  The trade off is not worth it for me – I got off the pill 7 years ago because my low libido was affecting my marriage and  I don’t want to go back there. I think I can do better with a different pill, so I’m going to quit the one I’m on now and see how my body reacts. I have my yearly appointment in May, so if my hormones go haywire, I can always get another pill in a couple of months. I also think that losing weight will help my hormones, so maybe if I can get some momentum and get this weight off, my body will work itself out. I’m going to finish out this pack that I’m on now ( I only have a few days left anyway) but then that’s it. I was trying to explain all this to my husband this morning and I ended with “you get what I’m saying here?” and he replied “that’s the only thing I’m getting lately” so obviously this is an issue! :)  (and in case you were wondering, my husband had the snip-snip several years ago, so BIRTH control really isn’t an issue, I take it for the hormones)

I’ve made an attempt this week at exercise. I managed to get in 3 days of walking so far this week – just me, the early morning, and Downton Abbey (I just finished season 2 – no spoilers please!). I would have had at least 4 days, but on Wednesday my alarm didn’t go off – I have no idea why. It was set for the right time, I checked the am/pm thing and it was correct, the radio was at a good volume – there is no reason that it shouldn’t have come on. Luckily I woke up just a few minutes later than my absolute-have-to-get-out-of-bed-right-NOW time, so I was only a couple of minutes behind in my morning routine. But anyway, I’m back to walking if only because I know I won’t lose weight as fast if I don’t, and because it just makes me feel better.

So that’s the super exciting goings-on in my life this week. Spring has finally sprung around here and we are looking at temps in the 80s later today. The rest of the weekend will be a little cooler (high 60s) but I’ll take it. I actually wore a tshirt and flip flops yesterday – it was that nice! I’m so ready for warm breezes and sunshine. This has been long cold winter.





Not even once

Hello Folks!

I didn’t go to weigh in on Saturday and it was probably  just as well. I know I had a gain and was waiting for my new “clean slate” week to begin, which it did, but the slate got real dirty by the next day. It didn’t just get dirty it got drrrrrty.  Dirty with bbq and cheesecake (yep, I got my birthday cheesecake and it was WONDERFUL).  I tracked everything I ate and Monday I was back on plan, until after work when I made the grave mistake of tasting “just one” Honey BBQ Twisted Frito. Holy crackers, those things must be dipped in meth because before I knew it, I was on the street corner hustling Johns so I could get enough money to go score some more Twisted Fritos. Not even once, kids…not even once.

I literally could not stop eating them. I think I ate half the bag before I finally gave the bag to my son and told him to go hide them. He came back into the kitchen 5 minutes later, shoved the bag into the pantry and said “wow, it took a lot of effort for me to stop eating those!”, so I know it wasn’t just me – he just stopped a lot sooner than I did. This had nothing to do with willpower, it was purely the addictive flavor of the chips which I’m sure Frito-Lay most likely spent thousands of dollars in R&D to come up with. I fell right into their trap.

So today, I’m in a funk and I’m 90% positive it’s because of all those Fritos I ate yesterday. I am becoming more and more aware of how I feel after I eat things like that, and I’m noticing that it usually affects me the day after I have eaten the offending food.

I know, I know, you all tried to warn me when you said you don’t let trigger foods pass your lips at all anymore. I didn’t listen then, but I’m listening now! I’ve decided that if I’m going to lose weight and keep it off, I have to tighten things up around here and quit being so loosey-goosey with all the BLTs (bites, licks, tastes).  The thing is, it didn’t occur to me that those would be a trigger food, but lately I seem to be getting cozy with salty snacks of all kinds. I think I need to put a moratorium on them for awhile because sheesh, I don’t need another replay of yesterday’s carnage. Lions attacking their prey aren’t as violent as I was with those Fritos.

Learn from me, friends. Don’t be me. Don’t use salty snacks lest you find yourself at the counter of The Betty Ford Clinic for Frito Addiction with a mustard-yellow dust all over your face. Just say no, kids, just say no!





It’s like regular annoyed, but with a cape.

I am so glad it’s Friday because I am super annoyed with work today (actually I’ve been annoyed with work for 3 days now). My regional manager is going chart-crazy and making up and having us fill out all sorts of new charts with information that can already be found in our system. Also annoyed because I had to travel to Kansas City on Wednesday with my coworkers for a safety training class. We had to drive 4 hours in an uncomfortable passenger van to get there, spend the night at a hotel, get up the next morning and go to the 2 hour class, then drive back 4 hours yesterday. It seems like a huge waste of time and money to me, but I don’t get to make the rules.

Of course since it’s a company thing, they pay for our meals while we are there and on the road. Do you know how hard it is to eat well while traveling on the company dime? I tried to make good choices, I really did. We never knew ahead of time where we would be eating, so I couldn’t look up nutritional info beforehand, but I ordered a big salad at least once a day. It was the other meal of the day that killed me. For dinner Wednesday evening, I ordered seared scallops thinking that would be a safe bet, but it came with an asparagus risotto which, while it was divine, probably had a lot of calories because something that tastes that good is rarely low in cals. Oh and I also had the most wonderful french onion soup – just a cup, but I should have just made a meal of that.  For breakfast the next morning I chose an english muffin with cream cheese, a hard boiled egg, and a banana, which was actually more than I probably needed to eat at the time, but I didn’t know when we would eat lunch that day so I wanted to be full for the whole morning. We ended up eating Pizza Hut buffet for lunch, and that was my downfall. The salad bar was “meh” at best and I chose thin crust pizza when I could. But since it was a buffet, I went back for more. I was tired and discouraged, so I very illogically threw in the towel for the day and got more pizza and some pasta and some cinnamon bread sticks. I didn’t track any of it. It seems like this whole week has been a struggle, which is disheartening considering how well I’ve been doing the last few weeks.

The upside is that tomorrow starts a new week for me so I can start with a clean slate. The downside is that Sunday is my birthday and I’ma be pissed if I don’t have a cherry cheesecake waiting for me at some point. I don’t even want regular cake (I had enough of that during my son’s birthday last month), but I figure a cheesecake is small enough that I can have one slice and everyone else can have a slice and we can all be done with it. So that’s my plan – a very loosey goosey plan, but a plan nonetheless.

I haven’t been exercising, which is probably just adding to my annoyed-ness. All the 5k races that I ran last year are coming up again and I just have absolutely zero desire to run. I feel bad that I’m going to miss out on all the excitement that a 5k brings, but I can’t even remember the last time I ran…let alone trained for a race. I don’t even want to walk in any races. I don’t even want to walk on my treadmill. I don’t want to do anything unless it involves sitting on my couch or lying in my bed. Basically I just want to sleep a lot, that’s all I really WANT to do. I know I need to exercise, I know it would give me more energy, blah blah blah, but I just DON’T WANT TO. I don’t even know why. It just feels like ONE MORE THING that I need to do that I don’t really want to do – along with dishes, laundry, and balancing my checkbook.

I think I need a vacation. Preferably somewhere warm with an ocean view and a cabana boy who will rub my shoulders. Oh and it needs to be free because this economy is killing my style. Isn’t there someone out there who would love to give me an all-inclusive vacation for my birthday? I totally wouldn’t hate that. At all.

So anyway, yeah. I’ll probably skip my weigh-in tomorrow because I have a full day of chauffeuring the kids around and I just don’t think I’ll be able to make it to my regular meeting, but I would sort of prefer to pretend this week never happened anyway. I’ll start fresh tomorrow and go from there. That’s about the best I can do right now.

My blog: the place you come to for whining and complaining. Such a warm and welcoming place! Please have a seat and listen to me cry into my coffee, won’t you?





So I walked a little bit yesterday

Top O’ the Monday morning to ya!  It’s cold, dark, and rainy today plus I have a headache. If this is the top of the day, I don’t wanna see what the bottom looks like.

I had a good weigh in on Saturday. After last week’s gain, I was hyper vigilant about what I ate and tried to be very careful, and other than an unfortunate guacamole incident (if loving guacamole is wrong, I don’t wanna be right. EVER.), I did really well. I had a loss of 2.6 pounds which brings my weight down to 192.2, which means I’ve lost 4.8 since February 2. I’d say I’m trucking along nicely. :)

Here’s a tip: if you want to add some steps to your pedometer, go to an outdoor expo event. The BassMaster Classic came to Tulsa over the weekend and for those of you who have no idea what that is, go here. Or here. My husband is a semi-professional wannabe bass fisherman so for him, this was like a trip to Disneyland, but better because there were boats and stuff. We got to the Outdoor Expo at 11:30am and we walked. And walked, and walked, andwalked andwalkeandwalkedandwalked. And then we walked some more. Did I mention that there was a lot of walking? Because we walked the hell out of that place. Then, 3 1/2 hours later, we walked across the street to the BOK Center (big  place that has concerts, etc) to watch the final weigh-in where the fishermen drive their boats into the center and weigh their fish onstage and the angler with the highest weight wins $500,000. That’s half a mil, folks. This ain’t no rinky dink redneck thing, this is like the Oscars of bass fishing. Anyway, our seats were on the third level of the place, so not only did we walk a lot on level surfaces, we walked up and down 3 flights of stairs multiple times. After the event was over, we walked back to the shuttle, and after a quick stop at Steak ‘n Shake, we finally arrived home at 9:15pm. I checked my Fitbit and I racked up over 11,000 steps yesterday! On days that I don’t walk on the treadmill in the mornings, I average about 3,000 steps, and on days that I do get on the treadmill, I might squeak out 8,000 steps, so 11,000 steps is a big deal for me!! I was happy to find that 11,000 steps also equal 5 WW activity points, which will help offset the popcorn and the Pepsi and the peanut m&ms I had yesterday. There just isn’t a lot of healthy food choices at those kind of events and I didn’t adequately prepare for it at all. I meant to bring some snacks with me, but forgot to grab them before we left, hence the choice of concession foods. Once we got to Steak ‘n Shake at 8:00 that night, all I wanted was a vegetable, any vegetable, so I was happy to see a pecan chicken salad on their menu. The salad was…meh, but it was better than a burger and fries and I felt a lot better after I had eaten it.

Here’s a question: when faced with concession foods, what’s the least damaging option? I think the choices were hot dogs, soft pretzel, nachos, popcorn, candy bars (king size, not regular)…I think that was it. I got the popcorn and a bottle of water (and then also stole some of my husband’s peanut M&Ms because hello, peanut M&Ms), but I don’t know if that was my best bet or not.

Yesterday was a lot of fun and it was great to see my normally reserved husband acting like a kid in a candy store, even though all fishing lures look the same to me. Oh the things we do for the ones we love! :)


Happy Friday!! This is going to be a short post because I have a lot of work to do and I’m hoping we’ll get to leave work a little early today! *fingers crossed*

According to your comments in my last post, and as Gina pointed out, there seems to be a running theme when dealing with temptations: don’t even start. The easiest way to avoid eating tempting treats and desserts is to just leave them alone, give them away, destroy them…don’t even let them pass your lips. I’ll admit that at this point, I don’t think I’m strong enough to do that. The pull to partake is still VERY strong in me – after a lifetime of giving in, giving up those foods that are not conducive to losing weight and living a healthy life seems impossible. I know it’s not, but it feels that way right now. I will admit that the more fruits and veggies and lean protein that I eat, the less I think about sweet treats, so maybe that’s the key for me right now – eat lots of the good stuff so I won’t have room for the less-than-good stuff (Gee Jill, ya think?!).

In other news, I think I’d like to purchase an electronic food scale for my kitchen. I’ve been using measuring cups and measuring spoons for a lot of my foods, but I think I’d like to take it a step further so I’ll know exactly what a portion should look like. At last week’s WW meeting, we got to play around with the Weight Watcher scale and frankly, I wasn’t that impressed. It’s kind of like my car – lots of features that I will never, ever use. I want something simple and accurate, so I would like to know what your recommendations are. Do you use a scale regularly and if so, what kind? Is there one I should absolutely stay away from? I figure something in the $30-$40 range would be good (but if I can find a good one for less than that, I’d be ecstatic!!). Thanks in advance for your help!

Okay, time to get back to work. Have a great weekend! :)


What’s the plan, Stan?

I intended to write this post on Monday, but I was off work Monday and the day seemed to go by really fast (how come it doesn’t go that fast when I’m at work?) and I just never got it done. Actually the whole weekend went by in a blink. I feel like I had a one night stand with the 3 day weekend: “You’re…you’re leaving? already? But I thought we had something special here!!” Oh well, it’s not the first wham-bam-thank-you-ma’am I’ve ever had and probably won’t be the last (I’m talking weekends here, not actual real life one night stands…I’m not that kind of girl. Not since I got married anyway, *ahem*).


So I had a bit of a gain at my last weigh in, but I totally expected it and I’m not upset about it. I was up 1.2 pounds from my previous weigh in and in looking back over the week, I realized something interesting. I was comparing all my obstacles from my first week to all the obstacles last week and I realized that all those landmines I dodged so well the first week? It was because I could run away from them. I could put lots of physical distance between myself and the temptations that first week. Last week, however, all the temptations were in my close personal space. In my office, in my kitchen, RIGHT IN FRONT OF MY FACE. With my son’s birthday cake right in the middle of my kitchen, the kitchen I walk through 47 times a day, it was harder to ignore it than I anticipated. Must learn how to deal with cake. Another problem is my sweet elderly neighbor (he lives right across the street from my office) brought me at least 3 different treats last week.  I need to learn how to deal with the desserts he brings over – I need a plan, because I am NOT going to tell him that I don’t want them. It gives him great pleasure to bring us samples of things he and his wife have baked, and to tell him I don’t want them seriously hurts his feelings. His wife’s health is declining rapidly and I am not going to be rude to this man who is about to lose his wife of nearly 60 years (her only goal at this point is to live until May so they can celebrate their 60th anniversary – so bittersweet!) just to save myself the worry of a few calories. I do however, need a plan that I can stick to when he does bring food over. I’m thinking I can give it to another coworker, I can take one bite (two bites if it’s really good) and then throw it away, or I can just throw it away without tasting it at all. I just need to decide what I’ll do and then stick to that.

The thing is, there will always be SOMETHING that is going to get in the way. The world is full of landmines and I think  my success is going to be determined by how well I deal with these landmines.

Do any of you have a plan for things like this? I’d love to hear from my maintainer-readers (Debby and Shelley I’m looking at you) on how you deal with temptations like I described. I know Mr. Brown is going to keep coming over with delectable desserts and I’ve got lots of birthdays/celebrations coming up in the next few months and I would love to have a plan in place. So what say you? Do you just wing it and hope for the best or do you Just Say No? Help a sistah out here!!

Get your VD on!

Oh wait, that sounded so bad didn’t it?!? Happy Valentine’s Day anyway!!

Okay confession time – I didn’t freeze the cake. I let it sit on the table for a couple more days where I let it cause unnecessary angst for me, until yesterday when I finally told my daughter to just throw it away already!! Clearly I have an addiction to buttercream frosting that I will need to address in the future, but dayum it was tasty in the moment. The cake is gone now, in the trash, and no I didn’t dig it out of the trash to get one last bite. If it’s in the trash, it’s garbage!


After last week’s big loss at weigh in, and my altercation with the cake, I’ll be lucky to lose .2 at Saturday’s weigh in. And if I don’t lose, well, I’ll just consider it a life lesson: don’t eat too much cake when you’re trying to lose weight. *sigh*

Any big plans for Valentine’s Day? We don’t do a lot for VDay – a card and some chocolates, that’s about it really. Sometimes the hubs and I will go to dinner or a movie if we feel so inclined, but this year I decided to switch it up a bit: I’m making lasagna for dinner and chocolate dipped strawberries for dessert. I thought the kiddos would enjoy dipping the strawberries (and eating them of course) and it would be a nice way to spend a relaxed evening at home with the ones I love the most. Oh, and I got a free movie rental from Redbox, so depending on how much time we have, we might watch a movie together too (it’s a school night, you know, so watching a movie on a school night is A BIG DEAL).

Speaking of Valentine’s Day, I think I tell this story every year only because I can’t believe anyone would have the audacity…anyway, one year way back in the day during college, I had a class with a guy that I thought sure hated me because he always wore such a pissed-off expression all the time. After class on Valentine’s Day, this guy sort of tosses a card on my desk as he’s leaving. It’s a Valentine’s Day card that says he thinks I’m pretty and would I like to go to lunch with him, of course being 19 and boyfriend-less, I said sure. At lunch he gives me dozen roses and says he just wanted me to have them. I was flabbergasted, because who gives a dozen roses on the first date? Well, someone who’s girlfriend just broke up with him the night before, apparently. I found out a few days later that he had bought the card and the roses for his girlfriend but she dumped him before he could give them to her, so he decided to give them to me. Which, would have been fine if he had just told me that in the beginning, but he made up this story about how he had always thought I was pretty but he was too shy to talk to me, yadda yadda yadda whatever, so I didn’t go out with him again. Trust me, second-hand roses are not what a girl wants for Valentine’s Day! At least not this girl.

So, anyone else have a Valentine’s Horror Story? I’d love to hear it!

Week 1 Weigh In

Hey Kids!!

I have about 15 minutes to blog at you, so I’ma do this fast. :)

I had my goal of .2 pounds in my mind when I went to my Weight Watchers weigh in on Saturday morning, and I’m happy to report that I had a loss of 3.4 pounds! I was really happy with that. My current weight is 193.6. Not a bad start if I do say so myself!

Okay, let’s talk about cake. My son’s birthday party was also on Saturday and I had arranged for my neighbor to bake a special cake for my son (my neighbors have started decorating cakes as a hobby and I wanted to support them), so when they brought it over Saturday afternoon, I was surprised at how HUGE this thing was. Seriously this cake could probably feed 40 people – we had 6 kids over for the party. Even though I gave the kids huge slices (most of which went uneaten), there was still a ton of cake leftover.

[Let me interrupt with an important side story here: my husband has a cold with a nasty dry cough and congestion. He's miserable, but so am I since he COUGHS AND SNORES all night. This has been going on for 3 nights (I have the option of sleeping on the couch, but I don't sleep well there either) so I was super tired on Sunday (yesterday).]

Being tired is a big trigger for me, so when you couple being tired and cranky with lots of leftover birthday cake…well let’s just say the cake was a problem for me yesterday. I got busted several times trying to sneak a bite here and there and finally decided it was ridiculous and that I was over it. It wasn’t making me any less tired, so I finally went and took a short nap and then I was (mostly) fine. But I struggled with that cake most of the day, and I really think that if I hadn’t been so freaking tired, I would have been able to keep my guard up a little better. But what’s done is done, and tonight I’m going to cut off a few small pieces for the kids and then freeze the rest (after I cut the kids’ pieces, we’ll still have half a cake left). I can pull it out for the next big family gathering and let everyone else enjoy it.

So that was my weekend – a good weigh in, then a fight to the death with cake. I’m back on track today and bound and determine to make the rest of the week a good one.

Over and out,



Remember on Monday when I mentioned the Strawberry Cake incident? No I’m not going to link to it because it was my last post before this one, just scroll down if you want to read about it (sheesh!).  So anyway, I should have known that wouldn’t be the last time I had to dance in the minefield. That same evening, my husband brought ice cream home (for himself mainly, but also to share), again, I had one bite, decided the pain in my teeth was a sign, so I didn’t eat any more ice cream. Then on Tuesday I had to travel for work and we stopped at Cracker Barrel for lunch – the meals weren’t really the problem, the problem was the ALL THE FREAKING CANDY in the waiting area. I managed to hang tough and avoid buying any candy, but then once we arrived at our hotel, there were fresh baked cookies waiting in the lobby and the aroma wafted over to me…luckily my hands were full so I couldn’t grab one – I dashed up to my room so I wouldn’t be tempted to give in.

That’s a lot of landmines to avoid!! I did great at dinner that night (Dear Strawberry spinach salad, I love you, Sincerely, Me) but after dinner when I was alone in my hotel room, I got a craving. A Serious Chocolate Craving (yes it deserves to be capitalized and I think you all know why). I gathered up my dollar bills and headed to the vending machine, ya know, just to see what was there. Lo and behold, there was no vending machine for food, only drinks! However, in this particular hotel lobby there is a Suite Shop (yep that’s how it’s spelled) filled with all kinds of goodies that could be mine…for an exorbitant price. Apparently my frugal side is much stronger than my chocolate-lovin’ side because I refuse to pay $2 for a single 100 calorie pack of Chips Ahoy cookies or $1.50 for a Kit Kat, but I stood there and thought about it, I did. I even texted my husband and said “tell me I don’t need a Kit Kat right now” and he texted back “You don’t need a Kit Kat right now” so I left the Suite Shop empty handed (well not really, I still had my $2) and strolled over to the breakfast area where I found hot water and complimentary tea bags. I made myself some decaf tea and went back to my room to spend the rest of the evening sipping my tea and scrolling through the Netflix options on my Kindle Fire.

I’m pretty proud of how I’ve handled all these situations so far this week. I still have a few hurdles left, but since I’ve been flexing my “NO” muscle this week, I’m feeling okay about it. I had been thinking earlier about how this probably wasn’t the best week for me to start Weight Watchers, but the more I think about it, the more I think it was the perfect time – I’m riding high on motivation so it was easier to Just Say No to all those things I mentioned. I’m really curious to see how the travel and all the dinners out this week (FOUR. That’s how many times I’ve eaten in restaurants this week – yikes!!) will affect my weigh in on Saturday. I’ll keep you posted.

Have a great weekend, folks!! And stay out of the minefields – unless you want to count the dancing around you’ll have to do as exercise! ;)