First Thing’s First

I didn’t get a run in last night, but it was really my own fault and here’s why:  

 Me coming in the door after work: “I’m going to vacuum this floor before all the little pieces of debris gather together and unite to take over the whole house, THEN I’ll run”. 

Me after defeating the debris revolution: “I’m just going to put these dishes away, THEN I’ll run”. 

Me after the dishes:  “I’m just going to go through the kids’ backpacks and sign the terribly disappointing grade check for my son, THEN I’ll run.” 

Me after digging through backpacks and wondering where I failed my son and his bad grades:  “I’m just going to put one load of laundry in the washer (what is that smell anyway) and THEN I’ll run.” 

Me after handling stinky towels that my daughter used to sop up the spilled milk and didn’t rinse them out afterward: “I have got to wash my hands, THEN I’m going to run” 

Me after scrubbing nasty milk smell from hands: “Crap, now it’s time to start dinner. I will definitely run after dinner”

 Me after dinner:  “I’m just going to put these dishes away (didn’t I do that once today already??), THEN I’ll run.”

 Me after the dishes (again!): “I’ll run the girls’ bath and while they are in the tub, I WILL RUN!!” 

Me, answering phone to talk to mom who feels neglected lately: “I’ll just talk for 10 minutes, and then I am getting on the treadmill, dammit!!!” 

Me after talking to now un-neglected mom for an HOUR: “Dammmit!  I’ll just read the girls one book and while I’m doing that DS can take his bath and then I’ll read one chapter to him, AND THEN I WILL RUN!

 Me waking up in son’s bed after falling asleep while reading to him: “Screw it. I’m going to bed.”

 Lesson learned here: If I don’t take care of myself first, it doesn’t get done at all and that makes for a cranky unhappy me!     

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Note To Self

I should not watch Forensic Files

after dark 

when I am alone in the house.   

I should also not run/walk on the treadmill in a cold, dank garage after watching said TV program…after dark…alone in the house.  I can’t tell you how many times I looked over my shoulder expecting some serial rapist to be behind me ready to pounce.   I had it all planned out in my head what I would do if someone WERE actually behind me,  I knew exactly what tool (pipe wrench) I would grab to bash his head in with and I knew exactly which pair of hedge trimmers I would grab to stab him in the neck with. And  just in case Michael Myers happened to be standing right behind me,  I knew exactly how I would dial 911 (you better believe I had that phone close by) while screaming and running wildly throughout my house.  And if Jason Voorhees were in the woods while I was running away wildly, I knew exactly which way to run so that he would fall into a big hole. 

 Did I mention that I am a big scaredy cat and I have a wild imagination?   So I really didn’t get to enjoy my run/walk, but I had adrenaline pumping like you would not believe, and I have never been so happy to see my little family walk through the door!  So from now on, I will watch only happy TV before I run…

after dark…

all by myself. 

Buh bye, ledge

Thanks to Grumpy and Tigerlilly for talking me down yesterday – I appreciate it!  I am feeling better today, food is a little more in line today and tonight I will do Wk2D2 run/walk.  That should make me feel good too.  Over the weekend I got just a small tiny little glint of what I think must be that elusive “runner’s high” I’ve heard about.  I was doing my 90 second run session (don’t laugh, I gotta start somewhere right?) and I was so caught up in how awesome it felt to be running that I forgot to think about how my calves were scrunching up and hurting.  For one split second, my treadmill and I were one, running to the backdrop of Staying Alive and completely enjoying one another.  It was a special time, and it’s the one thing that will get me back on the TM today after work.  (BTW, can I just tell you how this work thing is really getting in the way of my blog reading???)  I am looking forward to running again today and getting a little ME time in before the tater tots start in on their crazy demands for attention and food (those pesky little anklebiters!). I realize now that I am going to have cut back on the goodies and treats a little (okay a lot) if I’m going to get to a size that is comfortable for me, and I am amping up the exercise too, because I actually like the feeling I get when I am finished, and would like to experience that feeling more often. I was thinking of asking Mr. Potato to get me some running shoes for Christmas, but I think I’ll just go and get them for myself instead. After all that’s a whole month of running in old crappy shoes if I wait for him, and chances are he won’t know what to get, so yes, I think it’s definitely  best if I go and treat myself to some rocking running shoes from a real shoe store and not Wal-Mart!  Yee-Haw and Merry Christmas to me! 

One Eighty

I’d like to say that I have done a 180 degree turn and am now an uber runner and I eat only whole nutritious foods and have it all together.  But no, sadly that number 180 is the number of pounds currently inhabiting my body.  That’s the number of pounds of fat attached to the muscles of my thighs and butt.  That’s the number of pounds I weighed right after I gave birth to my son nearly 11 YEARS AGO.  It’s the number I never thought I would see again, EVER, yet there it is.  I have gained about 15 pounds since I went to work in January and really for awhile it didn’t bother me that I was gaining because I had finally quit dieting and I felt so free – free to eat all the potatoes and pizza and chocolate I wanted. But now, I don’t feel free at all.  I feel like a prisoner in a body that is hard to move around in, a body whose feet hurt after standing for a couple of hours, a body that huffs and puffs after playing “horsey” with my two year old  on the floor.  My fat jeans are turning into jeans that are a bit snug, and my big baggy sweatshirt doesn’t “bag” like it did a year ago.  Yeah, yeah, I know we just came off of Thanksgiving, but really, 180????  I always told myself that 170 was the cut off number – the number that meant I needed to get off my duff and quick clowning around and get serious, but 180?  What does that number mean?  I know it’s just a number and has no bearing on the kick-ass woman that I am on the inside; I know I’m still one of the “cool kids”, (see how I am trying really hard to pump myself up J ) but I just want to look on the outside how I feel on the inside.  I know I’m Heidi Klum on the inside, but it’s hard to convey that when you have Angela Landsbury staring at you in the mirror!  Okay, I’m only 36, but I feel so matronly–looking, and that’s not the real me.   I have just starting walking/jogging/running and I know it’s going to take time, but I am starting to panic, starting to think that I am going to be this way forever.  I know I’m just a few pounds away from high blood pressure and bad knees (like my mom), so I really want to rein it in now.  First I have to talk myself down off the ledge (not literally) and figure out what I am going to do.  What a crappy Monday.

What I learned from my first C25k workout…


Here are some things I learned Saturday when I started my Couch to 5K running plan:


  • The sports bra is your friend.  I didn’t have my really good sports bra on, just some cheap shelf bra tank top thingie that I grabbed out of the drawer. OH MY!!  I had no idea the girls could get that much vertical range in the bounce.  From now on, I will make sure the girls are properly supported.  And along those same lines…
  • My gluteus maximus lives up to its name.  I didn’t know that my derriere could move independently from the rest of my body.  The jiggle factor had to have been read on the seismic scale.  I think my butt and my boobs were in a contest to see who could bounce the highest.  ( I think the girls won)
  • Water is a precious commodity.  I was halfway through my run (walk) when I realized I had forgotten my water.   I was so thirsty but I didn’t want to stop so I just had to deal with it.
  • Running is good for the digestive system.  Let’s just leave it at that.

  I felt really good when I finished and will probably do day 2 this afternoon.  I will definitely wear my good sports bra and have a giant bottle of water with me this time though.  Have any tips to offer?  I’d love to hear them!!

Calling All Runners

Oh continuity of exercise, why can’t you flow through my veins like blood?  Why must you play this game of hide and seek?  Must I sew you to the bottom of my foot like Peter Pan’s shadow to make you stick? I wish it were that easy, but consistency is not one of my strong points.  I get bored rather easily and so once the newness wears off, I am all too willing to shrug off my latest craft, exercise plan, eating plan, or whatever.  And now I find myself wanting to start the C25K thing and just can’t seem to find the time to even begin, let alone stick with it for the long haul.  I have been thinking about how to make exercise necessary not just optional.  Linda Spangle (Life is Hard, Food is Easy) mentioned in a newsletter about how we can make exercise become important enough to do everyday.  I was thinking about this and I do things everyday that I don’t want to do because the consequences of not doing them would be very bad.  For example, I get up at 5:30 every morning so that I will have time to get ready and get to work on time.  Trust me when I say I do not like getting up at 5:30 am.  It goes against all my intrinsic couch potato tendencies, but if I get up any later, then I will be late for work and my boss will think I’m a slacker (I’ve got him fooled for now).  Heck, just going to work at all is something I don’t really want to do, because there are so many things around my house that need attention, but if I don’t go to work, I don’t get paid, and my little family starves and we all die…okay well maybe it’s not that extreme, but I like getting a paycheck, even a little one.  (And in relation to that, my main excuse for not working out usually runs along the lines of, “I have to do x first, then y and then maybe after I get finished with z then I can work out” which we all know never happens.  However, even if I did have xyz to do, I still go to work and guess what?! XYZ is still there waiting for me when I get home!)   And why do I find myself at 10:00 at night cleaning the kitchen and loading dishes into the dishwasher when what I really want to be doing is sleeping?  Because I don’t like waking up to a sink full of dishes and a dirty kitchen, it casts a gloom over my day and I feel like a bad mom/wife/home manager.  See, actions = consequences, good or bad.   So let’s imagine for a moment that I am a consistent worker-outer, and I decide to NOT work out.  What would be the consequences?  Why would it be very important for me to exercise when I don’t really want to or think I don’t have time?   This is where I need your help.  It’s your chance to delurk and tell what happens when you don’t work out. How do you feel when you skip a work out?  Do you physically feel bad when you don’t, or is it more mental?  Your answers will give me concrete reasons to work out and do it consistently.  So please leave me a comment and help a sistah out!!   Kthxbai!


Nyquil coma = good 

Nyquil hangover = bad 

 When you have a head cold, why does your whole entire body feel crappy too???  Needless to say, I did not start my C25K program last night, and probably not tonight either.  I’m sad, but really I’m just too tired and stuffy to do anything about it.  Maybe I’ll be feeling better tomorrow.  Right now, I feel like mashed potatoes and not in a good way either…

Queen of the Lumberjacks

Yes, the bunk beds are put together and they are huge!! But first a little housekeeping:  I am changing the name of my blog (again).  Foray into Fitness is what I intend to do, but the title is just so…boring.  It really doesn’t have any pizzazz (and I likes me some pizzazz!).  I was thinking about how I really have been a couch potato my whole life and how just getting up and moving around has made me feel better, hence the new name of my blog.  And that’s the reason for the change – super exciting, no?  

And now for something completely different:  Old beds are taken down and new beds are up and running!! The Tater Tots are so excited.  Being around all this wood has made me feel closer to nature and my inner carpenter.  I aspire to be one of those women who can build anything and who knows what a 3/8 socket means (I have no idea).  But I guess that’s what I have the Big Spud for – he can do all the heavy lifting and tightening of bolts for me!  The next phase of Operation Chaotic Bedroom is to rearrange the other furniture in the rooms to make room for the new beds (my stealth mission is to get rid of some old broken toys along the way too).  Hopefully it will all be finished by tomorrow. 

  I haven’t kept up with my original walking schedule because of all the bed moving and such but I have discovered something amazing that I will share with you now (lean in close and listen real hard) – Lots of water + lots of moving around = major calorie burnage!!!  Eureka!!  Who knew?  Well, okay probably everyone knows, but I was really surprised to see a 2 pound loss on the scale this morning because I haven’t been on the dreadmill at all in 4 days.  I’ve just been staying busy in the evenings when I get home instead of lounging on the couch for 6 hours at night watching TV.  Could this be the secret to my eventual success?  I sit at a desk all day and so movement from 7am to 4pm is minimal (as well as movement after 4pm) and the bulk of my calories are eaten after 4pm so it’s no wonder I have a hard time losing weight.  Duh!  Now if I can just come up with enough projects to keep me busy until I lose these 30 extra pounds…  

Well, busy day ahead – better get going.  Have a great weekend y’all!!  

I’ll probably have Carpenter Crack

Gack!!   Is it 3:30 yet??  Cuz that’s when I get to go home and pretend to be Ty from Extreme Makeover.  I pretty much took down my son’s old car bed and put up his new captains bed ALL BY MYSELF!!  And tonight, I’m going to take down my 7yo daughter’s pretty pink and yellow bed (yep, I painted it myself) and put up bunk beds for her and her sister.  Baby girl is now 2.5 and desperately hates the crib, hence the need for bunk beds.  I got a little ahead of myself last night and took down her baby bed and then didn’t get around to assembling the b-beds so she had to sleep on the just the mattress (from the crib) on the floor.  She really liked it and probably thought she was camping or something.  So with cordless screwdriver in hand, I shall conquer my fear of ready-to-assemble furniture and attack the many, many pieces of wood which now occupy my garage.  More than likely I’ll get about ¼ of the way through and decide to hand the whole project over to my husband, but that’s okay – at least I will have made the effort!!  BTW, how many calories are burned doing carpentry work?   

Trying to UnGrinch Myself

I can’t believe the holidaze are upon us already.  Only a few short weeks until Christmas, folks (48 shopping days left)!  I get a little nostalgic thinking about Christmas – it always makes me think of when I was a wee lass (I’m not Scottish, I just like saying “wee”), I loved loved loved all things Christmas.  The twinkling lights, the smell of a freshly cut tree, mom baking all kinds of goodies, and the Big Sears Book of All Things Wonderful!  I would sit for an hour going through the Sears catalogue and circle everything I HAD TO HAVE from Santa.   Now that I am a grown up *snicker*, sadly all I can think about is “how am I going to get everything done?????”  It makes me sad that the holidays don’t intrigue me the way they used to.  I miss being excited about Christmas programs and seeing far away relatives.  I see my kids’ Wish Lists and I groan because last time I checked, there weren’t any money trees growing amongst the pecan trees in my yard.  One of the things that makes me sure I’ll get through it is my rekindled relationship with exercise.  It’s out of the ordinary for me to think “I definitely need to keep working out so that I can manage my stress”, what is ordinary is me saying, “Ugh, I need to work out before Christmas so I don’t gain 10 pounds during the holiday Munch-Fest”.  I refuse to let weight loss be my only reason for working out – it’s just not a good motivator for me, but the other reasons for working out – less stress, more endorphins, a little Me time, those are excellent motivators!  So after I am pumped up on endorphins, I will do those things that my mom did for me – I will make Christmas time magical and fun for my kids.  And I might just enjoy it a little myself this year!